Race Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the day of my first real indoor track meet. I have ran one before this but it was kind of a joke, so I’m excited for tomorrow!

I am in a really good heat for my abilities at this time of the season. There are two girls coach said that will be competing against my teammate and I for spots 1 and 2 in our heat (slow heat) but that is exciting because that means I’m placed middle-ish.

I’m not sure yet about pace or even time for the 3k tomorrow, but I’ll find out tomorrow. My fastest 3k so far is an 11:50 and the girls in our heat range from 11:40-12:20ish, not exactly sure.

11:50 for a 3k is 6:21/mile pace. A 3k is 1.86 miles.

Ideally I would love to run an 11:30 which is 6:10 pace. In my dreams I would love to run 11:10 which is 5:59 pace because I would love to be an equivalent to a 12 minute 2 mile, but I will be reasonable and shoot for anything faster than 11:30 because I feel it is a reachable goal. Tough, but possible.

But let’s be real, I will listen to my coach and try my best to do what he wants me to do. Hopefully I just go out controlled and don’t die. Those are the ultimate two goals.

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Q: Have you had any races recently?

Q: Have you ran a 3k? It’s an odd distance but I really like it.