Pros and Cons of Racing

We raced a new course this weekend in Edwardsville. Our first 5k of the season! WAHOO!


The footing was a bit awful. Lots of ditches and some clumpy grass.

Long side hill that was awkward and hurt the ankles in the second mile

Concrete! We had to run over three large plots of concrete during this run and I could just feel my spikes poking my feet. So painful.

Not a lot of slower girls around my times so I was running with a couple of girls the whole time.


Weather was wonderful

Got to wear my bunhuggers

Had one of my teammates right by my side for almost 3 miles of the run

We got first!!

Our girls ran amazing and a lot of them PR’d!

I was only 20 seconds off my PR from last year in cross.

I ran a 21:30 which I was pleased with since I’ve been having some setbacks with my hips and knees.

We’re missing a few girls here haha

Tuesday’s workout was 5 x 1200m with a jogging recovery ~3 min – 3.5 minutes

Goal time: 5:08

splits went:

  • 5:01
  • 4:56
  • 5:02
  • 5:04
  • 4:59

Then I did 3 miles worth of warmup and cool down to total 7 miles for the workout.

Later that day I ran another 2 miles as a secondary run in 18:11.

Total mileage = 9 miles


Today is a sad day…my garmin strap broke Sad smile I can still wear it but one side hangs open. Hopefully they can help me out with it and get it fixed!

We race in Carbondale this weekend! I cannot wait until we start having our overnight trips to Louisville, Evansville and Kentucky!



  1. Amy Lauren | 22nd Sep 11

    Amazing time, and I love the pics of you with your team. Sounds like everyone had a really great race!

  2. Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) | 25th Sep 11

    Wahh your team looks like so much fun! That workout looks pretty intense. We did one similar for my cross country team last year and I was dying.

    Bunhuggers. We just switched to them. I don’t know how they make me feel.

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