Prep For the Weekend

It’s the weekend, here’s some information for those going out!

I honestly LOVE infographics and you will see many on this blog.


I will give you a nice view of my dinner the other night that Alex made.


As you know I cannot stand many vegetables. However, I found that I really don’t mind steamed green beans! We bought the walmart brand in the frozen food section. The bag you just pop in the microwave. It was only $1.08 and it was very tasty.


Wednesday’s run: 7 Miles in 58:24 [8:20 per mile]

Thursday’s run: 6 Miles in 50:34 [8:25 per mile]


Q: what’s your favorite way to eat vegetables?

Q: Were you surprised by any of the information in the infographic?

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Amy Lauren | 26th Aug 11

    I liked the infographic… actually what surprised me is that Buffalo Wild Wings sells a garden burger because that restaurant is opening here in my town soon and I had no clue they had one, haha. I don’t go out so the alcoholic contents don’t really affect me, but I don’t know if I agree with getting the most bang for your buck stuff… I bet some of that could really get someone drunk, you know :(. Of course hopefully people know their limits!

    I love green beans! And your run times are awesome too, so amazing that you can run at that speed for such long distances :). I really want to get up to speeds like that for those distances!

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