Powerful Video on Childhood Obesity


Not sure if any of you have seen the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s video “Rewind the Future,” as part of their Strong 4 Life campaign, but I truly think it is a powerful message. Of course, when you have these messages, a lot of uproar follows. For me, however, I am a true fan of scare tactic messages to help get a message across.

I was checking out the campaign site and the character in this video’s name is Jim. The point of the video is to show that the choices we teach kids today become the habits they take into the future.

Jim’s mom then gets brought up in the video, as she handles Jim’s tantrums by filling up his sippy cup with juice and giving him french fries instead of his meal. Then her attempts to get him to lose weight by buying him a treadmill which actually offends him even more and feels his family thinks he is fat just like his friends do.

Like the website stated, this does not make Jim’s mom a bad person, but she has to realize that these are going to become habits for her son. So provided on the website are helpful links such as:

How to handle trantrums without bribing with food

How to save money on healthy foods

Are you affected by the seven dangers of screen time?

Of course the challenge of “it’s easier and cheaper to eat fast food,” pop up. But actually, it is not cheaper when you think of the amount of servings you can get for the same amount of money you would spend at a fast food chain. You can check out this handout that I put together to see the differences.

McDonalds and Walmart Comparison by Samantha Thierry



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