Running is in the Crapper

I have lacked in posting because mainly, I am depressed and kind of frustrated.

I was doing well with running and my back was fine, then BAM hurts worse than before. I really noticed on my run Sunday, instead of my usual lower back discomfort my mid to upper back just tightened and it was if it was pulling on my lungs because my breathing was short and as if I was panting. I ended up walking most of the way back.

Went to physical therapy Monday and the PT said how my back was still really tender down low and I told her my upper back was hurting too. She said I might have a rotated disc.

Skipped running on Monday because it’s never smart to run after PT, I learned that lesson last Wednesday.

Tuesday, as in yesterday I woke up and my back was just throbbing. Went to work and had to keep moving around and stretching it. Left early and got invited to the pool with some track buds. Decided I didn’t want to be non-sociable, so I went. I ended up being non-sociable because not only was I tired but I couldn’t take my mind off of my back and I couldn’t get comfortable sitting.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to run or really do anything because I was in pain, so I just went home and laid down. I fell asleep for almost 2.5 hours. Which is another thing, I have been insanely tired lately and my body has been very fatigued.

I go into therapy today and tell them my back was hurting so bad that I hadn’t ran since Sunday. PT felt along my spine and I just cringed with just her putting pressure on it. The top part of my spine was hurting and the areas around it were extremely tender. She asked if I ever had scoliosis and I said no. She had me sit up and put my arms crossed and up in the air and made me turn to the left while she held pressure against me with her whole body haha, hoping to straighten my spine out.

She said my back was extremely tight and it felt awful. She said my spine feels rotated and we took out a lot of my PT exercises that involved much of my back and twisting and then she put stem and ice on my back at the end.

I’m pretty sure I am going to see the chiropractor next week because I can’t go tomorrow since I am working and volunteering from 8am-7pm, and they are closed on Friday’s. So I’ll have to go when I get back to Cape next week. I just want him to check it out as well and maybe take an X-Ray to see if there is a cause and what it actually is looking like.

I just hate how it is sore and causing me from running because when my back hurts it constricts my breathing and then I just can’t even function. Plus I think there may be some nerve pinching because throughout my butt and IT bands it has been throbbing since. And when the PT stretches my hamstring with my leg in the air, I get sharp pins/needles in my heel. So wonderful. BLEH.

There is my long sad story of my running life.  🙁


Honeystingers For the Win

So I was graciously sent a ton of HoneyStinger products and fell madly in love. Especially with these guys: Rocket Chocolate Energy Bar

It’s a good thing I am addicted to them because look at the amount I was sent

Then of course I tried the energy chews which you can see my rates below. Not quite so much a fan of the lime-ade flavor but I LOVED the orange blossom and pink lemonade!

Then of course the waffles come in flavors of vanilla, honey, strawberry. LOVED them all!! A little bird also told me they just came out in chocolate and I would be pumped to try those!

You have got to try all the flavors if you have not! They are perfect for pre and during workout because they are packed with CHO for energy as well as calories! Not so great for refueling after because of the lack of protein, but great for pre because it’s so light on the stomach as well!

Speaking of protein though, they have protein bars and I tried this flavor and loved it!

I also got sent these energy bars as well

I enjoyed these, but once I was sent the chocolate ones I fell in love and had to cheat on the peanut butter ‘n honey ones. Sorry! 🙂

These are great because they are packed with both CHO and PRO and have a 3:1 ratio which is close to the ideal 4:1 ratio.

So in the end the only product that I did not enjoy too much was the lime-ade flavor of energy chews and that wasn’t even awful, just not my favorite.

I have definitely found what products my heart belongs to if I’m wanting an easy on the stomach pre workout fuel and also the chews would be great for towards the end of a half marathon to keep me going!!

Have you tried any honeystinger products?

Would you be interested in a giveaway?

What would you be interested in trying?