Breakdown of Life


I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can continue my training after seeing the doctor on Friday. This week is kind of my first “real” week back to training, but here’s what I did last week”:

  • M / 5.14.12 – 2 mile-ish run: 16:31
  • T / 5.16.12 – rest
  • W / 5.17.12 – rest
  • R / 5.18.12 – 2.5 mile-ish run: 19:46
  • F / 5.19.12 – rest
  • S / 5.20.12 –  rest
  • S / 5.21.12 – 4 mile total, 3.1 mile race: 23:20


The blog got a fb page. It’s obviously “in the works” and not quite the greatest, but hop on over and like it if you want 🙂



Here’s a blog you may be interested in reading

The authors of the blog are my mom and dad actually and they post about trips they’ve taken, feelings on daily happenings and recipes. Some good posts you may be interested in:

Review of John Mayer’s New Cd, Born and Raised

Aunt Emma’s Pancakes in San Diego

Hash House A Go Go in Las Vegas

Were your favorite TV shows renewed or cancelled?

They post very frequently and the topics range widely so it’s always interesting to visit.

Another blog to read about is from Bob Schwartz, the author of “I Run, Therefore I am-Nuts!” and the newest, “I Run, Therefore I am – Still Nuts” which will be available October 8 of 2012 according to Amazon.

I Run, Therefore I Am--Nuts!

[from amazon]

The book itself takes on every bit of training and every bit of why we are crazy/runners 🙂

Schwartz has started up a blog

If you love running and enjoy the humor of it all, you will love Schwartz’s blog and book(s)!!!

Q: Have you read I Run, Therefore I Am – Nuts?

Q: What did you think of John Mayer’s Cd?

Q: How’s your training going?


In the News of Nutrition


Ramadan sets Muslim athletes extra test at London Games

The Olympics just so happens to fall during Ramadan and some Muslim athletes are choosing to postpone fasting of food and drink until after the Olympics so they can properly fuel their bodies. Others may just continue to honor Ramadan anyway.

Youth diabetes, pre-diabetes rates soar

Diabetes and pre-diabetes in adolescents has jumped from 9% in 2000, to 23% in 2008. 90% of those adolescents having type II diabetes (their body does not make enough of the hormone insulin or it does not utilize it properly.) This type of diabetes is seen with obesity. 1/3 of adolescents are overweight or obese and this increases their risk for high blood pressure, type II diabetes and other health problems. The saddest part of this article: research suggest there will be a 64% increase in diabetes in the next decade.

Making Sure Your Eating Agrees With Your Exercise

A short little article explaining the importance of protein and carbohydrates for exercise. Provides what to eat depending on length and time of day your workout will be. Good article for someone wanting quick information regarding fueling for fitness.

Pomegranate juice maker used deceptive ads, judge rules

POM is said to have used insufficient evidence to back claims on it’s ads. If I am correct, these are some of the ads that were banned because of their deception.


Fitness: Exercise apps for your smartphone

This article contains a review of the following apps: Yoga with Janet Stone, Endomondo Pro, Nike Training Club, Zombies, Run!, Fleetly 

Honestly, the Zombies, Run! sounds like a fun app, too bad it costs 7.99, but I just downloaded Fleetly to check and see what it’s all about!

Exercise apps for your smartphone


Smartphone App, Social Network Helps Kids Fight Fat

And on the topic of apps, there is an anonymous social networking website, aimed to help obese youths lose weight. According to the article, the website started 11 years ago and have been a total of 17,628 users with a mean age of 14.2 and a mean body mass index of 32.7. There is also a mean weight loss of 7.4 pounds. There is an app called W8Loss2Go that was tested and a larger trial of the app will be conducted next month.

To put that BMI (body mass index) in perspective, I have provided the BMI percentiles of boys and girls age 2-20 years old



To use the charts you find the age of the child at the bottom and then find the BMI of the child you are charting and mark where they meet/intersect to get their percentage compared to other children their age.

Q: Did you find anything useful out of the information provided?

Q: Have you tried any of the apps listed above?

I always love reading articles on nutrition and keeping up to date with all the new apps being introduced. I think it’s a great resource since everyone seems to be connected to their phone.