News of the Day

Had a meeting with my nutrition teacher today at 2:20. We met because I had emailed her about how I didn’t like vegetables and never have and how I was wondering what I could eat or consume really to get the nutritional value that vegetables give you.

She basically told me that there are a small group of women who are thin like I am and are called Supertasters. How they dislike vegetables and can’t stand their taste. She said that I can eat fruit and be fine as long as I don’t have diabetes because the fruit has so much more sugar than vegetables do. She gave some great tips on what I can do to add vegetables without even knowing they are there such as grating carrots into a chili or spaghetti sauce so that they are so small and get cooked in that you can’t taste them. She also said she would like me to take a multivitamin because not only will that help supply me with some of the vitamins that vegetables give but that it also has calcium and another nutrient that is good for ladies in their childbearing years and said it’d be a good idea to take one.

Megan couldn’t run today so I ended up doing the run by myself. My knees hurt real bad as well as my ankles but after mile 3 I zoned out, which is usual. I’m definitely built for longer distances that’s for sure. I love doing longer runs, it’s so relaxing. I just wish there were more “safe” areas to run alone.

Right now I’m just relaxing in bed. I’m thinking about doing core and watching some One Tree Hill.

At 9 we have pumpkin decorating for our floor. Hopefully that’s fun, otherwise I’ll just come back to the room.

See you tomorrow!

Foods for the Day

For breakfast I had a banana nut bread muffin that my daddy made over the weekend. It was delicious.


Lunch consisted of fried macaroni and half of a gatorade. I got the yogurt but haven’t eaten it yet. I thought it might be a good breakfast for tomorrow.


Then after my run I already told you I had a luna bar and some powerade.

Dinner was disgusting cafeteria food. I got a piece of cheese pizza, one small quesadilla and chicken fettucini. Yes, lots of white. I ended up eating two bites of the pasta, a few bites of the quesadilla and the piece of pizza without the end crust. Not a very good dinner.  Very upsetting.