I’m back home in St Louis =)

We are leaving tomorrow morning around 6:30 am for Jeff City for cross country STATE!!! I’m so excited. Woke up this morning and sat around the room. Went for a 2 mile run at 8:38 min/mile pace and came back and ate at Rowdy’s.

Got the fried macaroni and strawberry yogurt with granola on top. After my run I have a nuts over chocolate luna bar. So good!

For dinner my parents made pasta con broccoli and garlic bread. Then we went to DQ and I got a mint oreo blizzard. Which was a whopping 580 calories!!! Good thing I’m a runner and will run that off haha.

Have at least 3 miles planned for tomorrow. Hopefully will run the course. Would like to do a long run on Sunday here in town but I will only need 2 more miles for the week, so we’ll see.

New race

I think I’m going to register for the Go St Louis Half Marathon. I want to do the Chicago Rock N Roll on August 2nd, but i’d like to run one before then.