Good afternoon run, meet ipod.

The first few years of running I listened to an ipod. I wasn’t very fast and was always running solo on the team. There were both people far in front of me and people far behind me. I think¬† I mainly used the ipod to drown out the sound of my breathing. I didn’t like to hear how tired I was.

Here in Cape I will have someone to run with daily but I do like my runs by myself sometimes. It’s nice to run at your pace and just worry about yourself. A few days ago I made a large playlist full of upbeat music. I think I will bring back running with an ipod for my longer solo runs and see how I like it. I always ran faster when listening to an ipod containing fast songs. If anything it will keep me entertained.

Do you like running with music?


The Biggest Loser is soo good! I just love it so much!

Ran 3.7 miles today. Did about a half mile warm up and then a 3.2 run.

Mile 1: 9:02
Mile 2: 9:12
Mile 3: 8:25
.21: 1:48

As you can tell I stopped talking at mile 3. I also get a new burst of energy after completing multiple miles. That’s why 5ks I feel are too short for me.

This weekend I’m doing the extreme cross country race in columbia. It’s got mud pits, things to climb over, things to jump and I think things to crawl under. It says its a 4+ mile run, so we’ll see. I’m real excited! You’re also supposed to dress in a costume, but I have no idea!!!

If anyone has any ideas let me know!