Today’s my last day of class for the week. This makes me very excited! I have a 5 mile run for later today at 4pm. I think I will maybe read “50/50.” I really need to finish it so I can start reading other books.


This wasn’t a very eventful post hah, but I did sign up for snowball running series as well as a 10k on the 21st of november and a 4+ mile extreme cross country race with mud pits and things to climb over and jump for november 14th. Should be exciting!

Also my highschool cross teams both made it to state! So I will be going to Jeff City this weekend to watch them. I miss highschool cross =(

I have made it a goal to be fast enough to run on SEMO’s cross team. So we’ll see how that goes.

Running for the past few days

Haven’t posted in forever and can’t really remember what I did everyday. But I know what I did workout wise. Friday it was pouring down rain so I did the bike for 30 minutes and went 7 miles. Saturday I ran 5.91 miles. Today I ran 2.39 miles.

Saturday’s splits are as follows:

Mile 1 = 9:52
Mile 2 = 10:24
Mile 3 = 9:41
Mile 4 = 8:59
Mile 5 = 9:10
.91 = 8:07

Ran with megan for the first 3 miles so went a bit slower.

Today I only did 2.39 miles because I only needed 20 miles for the week and I was at 18.

Mile 1 = 7:51

Mile 2 = 8:39

.39 = 3:17