It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

Woke up today and had cinnamon sugar toast with chocolate milk 🙂

graham was hungry too

Then I ran to the school which was exactly 1 mile. I figured it would be easier than to try to deal with all the crazy high schoolers wanting to leave for christmas break. We did a 5 mile run that was real nice and that I hadn’t run before. Definitely good because it will be even longer when run from my house! Ran only .5 from school to my house and cut across the golf course instead because I was cold and my ankles were sore.

Went to the grocery store because the Mint Chocolate Milk I had last night was sooo good that I wanted to buy some! I bought that and some Candy Cane milk! Both delicious! However they are a bit thick like a milkshake, so I just put a little in and add regular milk to the rest. Yum!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!!!!

Big River Christmas Lights Run

Cleaned the bathroom and started cleaning my room. So far I have an almost complete trashbag full of donation clothes and one side of my room clean 🙂

Tomorrow I am running with the team at 11 and then either hanging out with them or cleaning my room some more. My aunt and grandma are coming tomorrow as well!! I love the holidays!

I headed over to alex’s around 4 and I was suprised there was not any traffic! We went to the Big River Christmas Lights Run at 6pm and it was so much fun!! So pretty with all the lights down in the city on the The Hill. Much better than a scheduled day off! I usually take a day off once a week and it’s usually on monday, but since the run was today and tomorrow I’m running with the girls, I don’t think I’ll have a day off which is good for mileage.

Lunch today I made pasta roni and had an orange.

they were sooo juicy and good! I love oranges.

Graham hung out with me all day until 4 🙂 he’s so cute!

that’s all for now!