Oh Hey, I’m Alive!

It sure has been awhile. I promise I did not die.

Reasons I have not blogged in forever:

1. Finals. I was hardcore studying for all my finals and spending lots of time in the library.

2. I moved. Alex and I decided to not live together anymore and thus I moved in with 3 girls from the track team and I could not be more excited about it! Let the fun begin!

3. I came home and my semester is over!

So now I am back and I was sent this fun little infographic. Some things I kind of didn’t agree completely with but I thought it was still cool to see.

[to view bigger]

Among US runners both male and female, who would kick your but?

I’m sure you all know by now that I am a huge fan of infographics because I am real visual and like graphs and pictures along with statistics. I think they are fun.


I’ve started a board on Pinterest for Christmas cookies/desserts. What are your favorite recipes to make for Christmas?         {my board}

I’m also putting together a post of the tv shows I plan to watch in 2012. I know, you are so excited. I am. hah!


Running. I will just tell you about my workouts because that is the only highlight of my running in the past few weeks. The other days are basic building mileage back up which is the typical 4-5 miles each day.

I told you about my first workout of the indoor track season. The 3 mile tempo. (Read about it the post before this one)

Then we had a 4 mile progressive tempo. Goal for me was to start at 7:30 pace and work to 6:50 pace.

  • Splits went:                       7:05 – 7:22 – 7:11 – 6:42
  • 4 Miles in 28:21 [7:05 per mile]

Then we had a hill workout. I just chose a 4 mile route by the apartment that is pretty much all hills and went hard on them. I just wasn’t feeling up to just going up and down a hill for repeats.

  • splits went:                        7:45 – 7:21 – 7:34 – 7:45
  • 4 Miles in 30:25 [7:36 per mile]

Then I had another progressive tempo. Same thing, 4 miles start at 7:30 work to 6:50

  • Splits went:                        7:09 – 7:12 – 7:02 – 7:01
  • 4 Miles in 28:26 [7:06 per mile]

I need to focus on going out slower so I can finish faster, for my tempos. I still hit my goal of 7:10 average pace for the workout, but I need to work on a slower start and faster finish.

I think our first meet is the 13-14 of January, how exciting!


Q: What recipes do you have chosen for Christmas?

Q: What facts were interesting in the infographic above?