My Sunday Has Been Spent Well


This is what my Sunday has consisted of. I was good and got most of my homework done this morning and then went to the gym to do my workout around 12. Then I got my email from Pottermore saying it was time to play! YAY!

But now I have gotten through book one and book two is not up yet on Pottermore. Sad smile And the wizardry dueling is under maintenance so all I can do now is go back and reread things and do potions.

I guess that’s a sign to start on my other homework due later this week.


We went to Carbondale this weekend but we did a workout instead of racing.

It had rained about 2 inches the night before and the course was practically flooded/extremely muddy.

I have a few pictures taken by other people from the meet.

Here is some of Carbondale’s team to show what some of the course looked like

Let me tell you, that wasn’t even the worst part of the course.

Then we have some post racing pictures of our team!

You can see our muddy legs. We took a picture of our legs after the race but it’s not posted yet.

The goal for me and my workout was 7:10 pace for the first two miles and then the last mile as hard as I could go.

It ended up being 22:40 for 3.1 miles which is 7:17 pace for the whole thing. The mud and water weighed our trainers down and was really heavy. My shoes were getting stuck in the mud and I was slipping. It was a fun race but not very successful haha! My last mile was not very fast but the effort was there.

We race at Louisville this coming weekend and I am racing for my life. This will determine if I get to travel to the rest of the races. I am really hoping to PR and Louisville will be the course to do it at, if conditions are good.


Q: Have you ever ran in mud/swamp lands?

Q: Are you playing Pottermore? Let’s be friends if you are, tell me your username Smile 

Q: How’s your Sunday been!?



  1. Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) | 25th Sep 11

    Holy schmee. We had a flooded course for our regional meet. Crazy! Your team seriously looks like so much fun! Can I join k, thanks.

    • Samantha | 25th Sep 11

      Of course, head on over 🙂

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