Motivational Monday #14




Sunday 10/19: 13.2 miles Rock N Roll STL Half Marathon (post to come)

Monday 10/20: 2.18 miles
20:03 – average pace 9:12/mile
Shake out run: 9:18 – 9:12
Wednesday 10/22: 2.09 miles
17:07 – average pace 8:09/mile
Shake out run: 8:04 – 8:16







Comprehensive exams and my last semester of my master’s degree have taken over my small amount of free time I had in the first place. But 33 pages later, my comprehensive exams are written and now I just have a few tests, assignments and papers standing between me and my master’s degree.

Don’t worry, this blog will be picking up as I soon start my next step in life at the end of December after graduation. More details on that to come! I also finished another half marathon and intend to do a nice recap for you all!