Motivational Monday #12



Unfortunately I messed up my ankle and therefore haven’t been up to much running. But I just went on a short 2.6 mile run on Sunday to test it out. I am 25 days out from my half marathon here in town.


8/31: 2.61 miles
8:55 – 7:30 – 7:24 (pace for .61)

Something exciting that I did do however, is I bought the Basis activity tracker. I have been searching for a good activity tracker for a few years now. My family all had fitbit’s but they all seem to stop working at some point and I didn’t want to invest money in a product that was going to stop charging.

So my choices were:

Jawbone Up24
Polar v800

If you follow my on social media you will know that I really wanted the Polar v800. I really liked the training load component and for it to tell me how much rest was needed before my next run. It also used GPS for running. However, the $500 price tag wasn’t too appealing and I couldn’t fork over that amount on a watch that I wasn’t even sure would be accurate. I’m super picky with mileage and always rely on Garmin or the Nike running app. I’m actually going to try out Runkeeper soon, as well.

The Jawbone Up24, I like the look of it because you can wear it with dressier items and it not look awkward. I liked the vibration mode to keep you moving and wake
you up at appropriate times. It also has a lot of compatible with various apps such as MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper. The price tag of $149 was a lot better than $500.
But then I forgot about the Basis B1, which now is Basis Carbon Steel Edition. They dropped the price down to match the $149 and there are more sciency cgoing beyond simply motion basedomponents that I like. The Basis has a light sensor that can read heart rate and also skin temperature. I like the ability to see what  cycle of sleep I am in during the night and the algorithms to not count biking or typing as steps. From the reviews, I was seeing that it provides the most accurate data, even though it doesn’t provide heart rate during vigorous activity. What I also liked is it knowing when you are walking, biking or running and being able to determine that and when you are sleeping, without even pressing a button. These are all awesome qualities and will be great if they actually work. I made sure I bought from the manufacturer, just in case it isn’t all that it’s cracked out to be and then I can return it.

I wish I could review all three of these products, but unfortunately that would require money that I don’t have. So I thought I would provide my opinions from the reviews I read on each of the products. I will let you know how I like the Basis.


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