Motivational Monday #11

On Mondays I used to recap my prior week of running, post motivational pictures and provide a few songs I was listening to during the week for my workouts. I would like to continue on the tradition, especially because I have hurt my ankle and am sidelined from running for a little bit, so of course I myself need motivation to workout in other ways.

I’ll catch you all up with my latest running adventures since I took most of the week off.




8/15: 4 miles
splits: 8:13 – 8:11 – 8:18 – 7:41
Total time: 32:35 – Average Pace: 8:06/mile

8/17: 3 miles in the AM
7:41 – 7:40 – 8:09
Total Time: 23:36 – Average Pace: 7:51/mile

4 mile in the PM
8:04 – 7:40 – 7:46 – 8:25
Total Time: 32:06 – Average Pace: 8:00/mile

8/19: 3 miles
8:57 – 8:45 – 8:09
Total Time: 25:58 – Average Pace: 8:38/mile
Ankle started having issues 

8/23: 1 mile
Ankle hurt at the start, but wanted to run at least a mile to see if it would work itself out. Didn’t, so I walked 1.5 miles to get some form of exercise and try and get my head right mentally.

I don’t know how you all are, but when I can’t run, or something sidelines me from running, then I get pretty depressed and frustrated. Especially because I was finally getting my fitness back and running sub 8 minute pace and am training for two half marathons. But I’ll just keep positive thoughts and bike instead until I can run again.





I absolutely love this quote - though it speaks about being fit and #working out - it can cover other aspects of healthy living!!  As for me, give me "sore" over "sorry" any day!!I NEVER REGRET IT WHEN I DO IT, BUT I ALWAYS REGRET IT WHEN I DON'T

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Q: How was your training last week?

Q: What songs are you loving recently?

Q: What do you do when you get injured?