Like A Boss

Honestly my mind is in race mode. I have 4 tests all before Wednesday next week but all I can think about is running. All I’ve been doing is working hard on bettering myself for this race. I need to be healthy and I need to work like a boss. It’s my time and I need to show what I’m made of. After Friday my mind can return to school.

Yesterday was a 7 miler and today was a 6 miler but after 3 miles we had 6 x 80m striders and then finished up the rest of our run.

(should really say dietitian…since nutritionist means nothing hah)


Q: Are you racing this weekend?

Q: Do you ever get in workout/race mode and can’t think about anything else?

Q: Does running ever take #1 spot in your priorities? Mine does when it’s allowed, but when school gets hectic and busy then it takes #1. But when it dies down, running is #1


  1. Amy Lauren | 16th Sep 11

    I love the images.

    Running is pretty high on my list of priorities, but definitely not #1 (then again, I don’t run for a school, I’m married, have a career, etc). I’m running a 5K in town tomorrow with some friends and a couple first time 5Kers.

    Hope your race goes well- you’ll have to update when it’s over!

  2. Kristen @ The Concrete Runner | 17th Sep 11

    Good luck! I was looking at some pictures on Facebook (thanks to Alyson Martin) today and got to see your smiling face in your SEXC warmups! Hope you race hard + strong!

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