It’s a Stressful Time

You know things are hectic when I don’t post for long periods of time.

Let’s look into why I’ve lacked posting this time:

1. Sinus Infection. I sleep my days away.

2. In between sleeping I try to cram homework and studying in.

3. I’m a bit healthier now and of course the semester is almost over.

4. When the semester is almost here, you can guarantee every teacher has assigned big projects along with little ones as if you only have one class.

5. Completely and utterly stressed out.

  • Microbiology Case Study
  • Beverage Presentation on Tequila
  • Menu Planning Project – HUGE (basically pretending you are opening a restaurant from the ground up and it’s cost and projected profit etc)
  • Just took wonderful (not) A&P2 test
  • A&P2 lab quiz today
  • Microbiology test starting Thursday, closes Saturday
  • Then of course finals will be approaching

6. Woe is me.

Things to look forward to

1. KU vs. UK basketball game tonight at 8:30pm central on ESPN.

2. Thanksgiving Break

3. Christmas Break

4. Indoor track and Outdoor track

5. Possibly one road race over said breaks

6. Winter TV shows to start up again (One Tree Hill, as if I need another reason to cry haha)

7. The Fray’s new album (February)

8. iPhone (December)

9. Finishing the worst and hardest semester of my life.

10. Cutting my work load to hopefully pull my GPA out of the gutter (it’s not as bad as I make it out to be) by only taking 13 hours next semester.