Home for Thanksgiving

Current updates:

I am back in town for Thanksgiving which is glorious.

Mom had surgery Tuesday morning so we get to take care of her

I got the wonderful opportunity to meet up with one of my closest friends from college and catch up with life (she’s getting married!!!)

Got to catch up with another pal that I’ve had since 5th grade. I’ll always be bitter about him taking the best time in the mile from me when he moved to our school. Just saying.

Getting quality reading time

Obtained a second job at a fitness center

I really wish I could type up a better post for you all but my computer isn’t working so this is being poorly published from my kindle fire.

I promise higher quality posts soon.

Make sure to tune into the Missouri vs. Texas A&M game Saturday at 6:45!!! The boys are 10-1!

Have a great Thanksgiving!