Here’s What’s Going On

What is going on with my life right now?


I went home to St. Louis on Thursday night to see a sports medicine doctor Friday morning. After assessment he came to the conclusion that I am extremely weak and inflexible and it’s causing all of my pain. He stated there are possibilities I’m also low in Vitamin D as I look “pasty” but we did just come out of winter.

So, plan of action:

aPhysical Therapy 2xweek for 6 weeks

aFocus on getting stronger/more flexible

aTalk to coach about a plan of action with my running

One A Day Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement

aTake multivitamin daily

So I will figure out with my coach a new plan to get healthy and strong and will also keep you all updated with my physical therapy so you can also get stronger in the legs/hips as well as more flexible.


We signed up for classes for next semester, here’s how it looks

&Essentials of Food Science

&Hospitality and Institution Administration

&Medical Nutrition Therapy 1

&Community Nutrition

It is official, I am now into my core nutrition classes and this last year will be rough.


I have been looking to set up as much volunteer/job shadowing as possible for the summer to gain more experience to put on my resume. I am extremely excited about some of the opportunities and am always looking for more!

Other Life Things

I got to see the cutest dog on earth this weekend

Yes, that would be my dog, Graham. 🙂

I also am on the hunt for a new desk chair for my room. Since it pains me to sit because of my weak hips and back, I need something more comforting than my $20 dorm task chair I got at Target awhile ago.

I found this one at Walmart (only place open on Easter), for $50. I plan to go check out Target and Staples after work today to see if I can find something cheaper. But of course I will pay $50 otherwise.


Are you weak/inflexible in your legs, hips, back? Does it affect your running/everyday life?

Do you think you have seen a cuter dog? Email me at snthierry[at]gmail[dot]com, I love seeing cute dogs!

Do you take a multivitamin? Do you notice a difference?

Stay tuned for a few reviews, especially InkNBurn’s jog bra and short!