Guess what!!

I know where I’ll be going once I get time!!


I just looked up the closest one to me and there are in fact TWO stores less than 30 miles away!!!

I’ve also found some of their stuff at TJ Maxx and Marshalls before.

…………….I really need a job for the summer


Cascadian Farm Goodies here

Things that make me happy

– Track meets
– my dog graham
– good company



  1. Matt | 15th May 10

    You better get over there!

  2. runnerforever | 15th May 10

    I need a job too!

  3. marathonmaiden | 15th May 10

    awesome. and i feel you with the whole job thing. except more like a *real* job as i don’t have school in the fall! so tragic haha

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