Good morning to ya!!

I am hoping to open my own OpenSky and I wanted to get my readers input on it! Would you like me to open one and share the products I love? It’s something I’m really excited about doing and hope you all will be too!!

Have a lovely day today and I’ll have a post for you later tonight!!



  1. Sammi | 27th Mar 10

    I’ve never really looked into OpenSky. I’d definitely check it out if you got it to see what you have up there though! You may just have to school me in how it works!

    • feetinmotion | 27th Mar 10

      I will!! I hope they let me open it. I’m new to so if I’m allowed to have an opensky I’ll definitely let you know what it’s about!

  2. Andrea | 27th Mar 10

    Naturally More Peanut Butter that is able to be shipped to Canada please!!
    Love your blog 🙂

    • feetinmotion | 27th Mar 10

      I’m not sure what I’m allowed to do since I’m new to OpenSky! I hope I can open one!! Thanks for the comment!!

  3. sophia | 27th Mar 10

    Hm, to be honest, I don’t buy much products online…So I’m not sure I’ll be a good customer…but I’m sure others would love to browse through your little online shop! 🙂

    • feetinmotion | 27th Mar 10

      Thanks for your comment girl!! Definitely helps. I think if they let me open a shop then I will since it doesn’t cost and see how it goes! I mean, I’d love to list my favorite products for others because it always helps knowing real people like the products 🙂 Have a great night!

  4. Mica | 28th Mar 10

    Hi Samantha! I have never heard of Open Sky, but it sounds like a pretty cool idea.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, and good luck with your half in April! Is this your first one?

    • feetinmotion | 28th Mar 10

      It is my first half marathon! I’m so excited. I also hope to hear from Opensky tomorrow about openin the store!

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