Getting Crafty for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaarrrrrrrrr……..

I definitely put my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving this year and I was not upset/ashamed about it one bit. Something I always enjoy each year are advent calendars. My parents took advent calendars to a whole new level. They made their own box of treats in little homemade bags to open each day.

The gifts have been k-cups, chocolates, suckers, hair ties and this fun bracelet that I haven’t taken off. It’s definitely something I can’t wait to do once I wake up each day.
Other crafts that have been created with the boyfriend include these pinecone Christmas trees.

We actually had so many extra pinecones, that we filled this little bag, I was gifted with last year, with them as decorations.



[yumprint-recipe id=’2′] 

Then most recently, Christmas Crack. I first had this recipe in high school. I remember very fondly as it was right after my compartment syndrome release and I was recovering on the couch upstairs from my surgery. My friend, Wes, had brought over a bunch for me and my family and I became obsessed with this recipe. However, as simple as it may look to make, it sometimes doesn’t turn out. Kind of like no bake cookies. It’s a hit or miss if it will set up perfectly.


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What are your favorite Christmas treats to make?

Did you make any Christmas crafts?


  1. Barbara | 23rd Dec 16

    Cinnamon candy, peanut brittle and David makes caramel popcorn and no bakes. Hope you have a great Christmas. Love you

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