Food and cleaning!!

Alright, I finally got  all my pictures on the computer. So lets recap!

This was dinner from two nights ago. Orange chicken with some milk

More yummy smoothies. Raspberry sherbet, sunny d, strawberries and mango.

Smoothie went with chicken and orzo, spinach and tomatoes. So yummy

Today’s breakfast was peanut butter toast with milk.

For lunch I made ravioli and I had some powerade with it.

Then I cleaned my room!!

There’s art that needs to go on my wall and lovely steve prefontaine already up there, as well as a memory box of my senior year of cross country!

It’s a shame most of my running stuff is at school.

New workout area I have devoted to. Definitely not all the running books or magazines. All of those are at school. Such as every runners world and running times from the past year+

Then I did elliptical for 2 miles and the treadmill dreadmill for .25(pathetic huh?). I’m sorry but treadmills kill my legs and maybe it’s just because of my surgery on my legs or the fact I don’t have compartments around the muscles in my legs..I don’t know! But I couldn’t run outside because of the stupid snow and I have a race in 2 days! Not happy.

I made a smoothie out of mango, strawberry, banana, raspberry sherbet and sunny d. So tasty. My mother got chinese and I ordered pork lo mein without vegetables.

My cute plate!

Sorry that was blurry, I think I moved haha.

NOW it’s time to do yogilates!!


  1. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) | 8th Jan 10

    all your food pictures look so good!! love the orange chicken & your smoothiess. cute room 🙂


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