Feedly vs Bloglovin’: My decision

Follow on Bloglovin

As Google Reader is disappearing soon, I finally tested Feedly and Bloglovin’. I think I personally have decided to use Bloglovin’ for my viewing of blogs. Obviously, as a reader you can choose what you want to use. However, I’m providing a link on my blog to follow me on bloglovin’ if you would like. You can also subscribe via email on my blog as well as add it to any other reader you would like.

Please continue to follow my journey! 🙂



  1. olivetorun | 18th Apr 13

    I am definitely a bloglovin’ fan! 🙂 I think you made the right choice!

    • Samantha | 23rd Apr 13

      Now I just need to find the time to read blogs! 😀

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