Dietetic Internships

If you have been a reader of this blog, or following my life at all, then you have heard me speak of dietetic internships a lot. In fact, my junior year of college, I had my choices pretty solid of where I was going to apply my senior year.

Little did I know how drastic my life would change. This was a real life moment where you realize things can change so quickly, no matter how planned out you thought you had life. You cannot plan life. Life just happens and you just go with it.

I can officially say that my DICAS applications have been turned in, which means I now wait. I wait for phone interviews and then I wait again until November 2nd when I find out my next fate.

But God has truly been sending me good vibes and patience throughout this whole process and other various things that I have needed patience with in life.


Here are things that more than just I probably need reminders about. It is truly exciting to see where my future will go and where my next adventure is! I’ll keep ya’ll updated.