Cross Season is Approaching It’s End

Let’s talk running.

So I guess I never talked about our last meet, but we ran in Evansville Indiana.

I ran a really crappy race. Let’s just say my first mile was in a 6:19 and I finished my 5k in 21:09. I fell off hard. The course was difficult with lots of hills and I underestimated them.

We race in Richmond KY this weekend for the Ohio Valley Conference and this will most likely be my last cross race of the season.

My Mississippi State gals have been rolling up their season and are on fire right now! I just mailed them both these bracelets for some more team spirit (even though they don’t need any extra because they have so much!)


I’m definitely ready for some flat running ground, aka track season. It’s the closest to road racing one can get lol.

Since we didn’t race this last weekend, I went home and boy do I miss it already.

When you have this guy giving you lots of attention, it’s hard to leave.

I cannot tell you how pumped I am to go home for Winter Break!! So much is going to happen! 😀

I’ve already started listening to Christmas music and I am not ashamed. Guess I should start making a list of things. I know I will need new running shoes and possibly a new ipod.

Now for some motivation!

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Q: Are you a dog lover?

Q: How is your training going?

Q: Any big races/events coming up?