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Motivational Monday #17

This post is for my gal, Emma. She loves when I do these and well, I’ve slacked. 
Remember that thing called running that I used to do? Yeah, I’m slowly getting back into it. If you know my running history then you know why it’s not incredibly easy to get back into running and stick to something consecutive. It’s more spontaneous rather than planned out. 
This is what it has looked like slowly getting back into things.
4/20: 1.58 miles
4/20: 1.97 miles
4/22: 2.23 miles
4/25: 1.6 miles
4/26: 1.71 miles
I think I’ll be getting back into things and I know if I pick a race to run that I’ll be better at motivating myself to go out and run further. 
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What Really Happens When We “Diet”

So there’s always some latest fad to be following when it comes to “dieting.” The thing that irks me the most is that nothing about “dieting” is sustainable. People who are looking at “dieting,” are wanting just quick results and then wonder why they can’t sustain the recent changes to their body. Whatever your goal is, whether it’s to lose fat, build muscle, look better in that bikini or increase energy, it takes a lifestyle change. It takes working with someone educated to help you make sustainable changes. Honestly, I’m sure most of us could continue to eat the things we like, but what it really comes down to is portion sizes and timing of intake. You can make changes without cutting out everything you’ve ever loved. This infographic is a showing of what really happens when you diet depending on what approach you take.

what happens when we diet