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Recovery Days Really Are My Favorite

Yesterday was my recovery day and thank goodness for that!!! It snowed!!! Yeah seriously, snow on Spring Break and now it’s going to be 60’s and 70’s. I guess I’ll forgive it.

How’d I spend my recovery day?

Catching up on One Tree Hill!! I absolutely LOVE that show.

Don’t ruin what happened yesterday on it because I still need to watch last night’s episode!!

Because I was busy watching Pretty Little Liars.

So intense hah.

I pigged out on skittles and ice cream as my recovery food too. Gotta love um!

Check out my new earrings I got!


Aren’t they cute?!

Q: Do you watch one tree hill or pretty little liars?

I am obsessed with both!! Now I just got to catch up on Hellcats, Royal Pains and American Idol. Smile


Sick of Eating School Food



P9260001 P9260003


P9260005 P9260006



Fried Okra, Cheese Bread, Spaghetti and some form of meat I was too afraid to eat.


A nice bowl of salad (there is a lot, it’s just all at the bottom, I swear), cottage cheese, white shredded cheese and turkey.


I also get the privilege of eating with this guy everyday 🙂



I stopped watching Biggest Loser last year because it just was not the same as it used to be.

In a few minutes, after I submit this post, I will embark on watching this season and hopefully it is better.

Your thoughts on Biggest Loser?