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Birthday Celebrations and Purchases

So I missed What I’m Loving Wednesday, as I was celebrating my birthday. But I’m sure in here will you give you some ideas on what I was loving this week!

Tuesday we went to the casino and the Cardinals vs Royals game in KC. What beautiful weather it was.


*Scrapbook created by using Project Life. I branched out by using a different template. 

Then Wednesday for my birthday, I took myself for a little shopping trip. 



I don’t know about you all, but Target’s Champion C9 was already good, but ever since re-branding, it is even better. I love their new logo and the quality of clothing is even better than before. They are following right along with the trends and the fabrics that I love. So, of course I bought myself some items! All my items were on clearance, but I have found them online if you are interested. Click the pictures to go to the Target page.

This last tank you will see on me in my picture below, but it feels like butter. I love material like that and have made it my mission to find all clothing the feels like butter. If you don’t know what that means, then you obviously have never found clothing like that. When you do, you will know. 

So I bought myself some activewear, but then also have been eyeing these mugs and cups since the back to school line came out. They were on sale and I gave in! The colors are PERFECT! 


After shopping, I went to Fazoli’s because they had oven baked fettuccini alfredo for 3.99 and I have a free cheesecake coupon for my birthday. I bought two pastas because I wanted to have one for leftovers and also ordered extra breadsticks, because I was taking it home. I love Fazoli’s and I honestly would rather eat there than Olive Garden or most italian restaurants. Go ahead, hate on that. 🙂 

Then I waited for the boy to come home so we could continue the birthday plans. I had wanted to get take out chinese food and watch Big Brother, like we normally do. 

He said “you have 15 minutes to get ready.” I was in spandex shorts and I told him I was ready. Thinking “why would he tell me to get ready, I already am.”

We start driving and it’s not in the direction of our normal place. He says “I found a new Chinese place. We can just go in and look at it and decide.” We pull up and he says “oh but the catch is, we make it ourselves.” Totally surprised. But he came up with the menu and we made sesame chicken, fried rice, crab rangoon and brownie bites. Needless to say, I had a great birthday!

*Scrapbook created by using Project Life.

LED Light

I have been seeing those Diva Ring Lights around and been debating dropping the >$100 on one for my desk area. My desk is in a poor lit area and it makes it depressing when I am trying to work on something, especially my Project Life. I saw a DIY Diva Ring, and set out to purchase the items but then found a LED light strip that would do the job. I got a velcro wall hanger so it wouldn’t damage my wall and BOOM, in business now!


It gives off the perfect bright white light and makes photos look great! There is no filter on this photo whatsoever. 

I think I look pretty good! Much better than if I took a selfie in the apartment without the light, that’s for sure!! 

So that is my breakdown of my birthday. I appreciate all the birthday wishes and cards. Now back to regular blogging! 

*This post contains affiliate links, but does not change my love for the products.

Q: How do you like to spend your birthday?

Q: Have you done a cooking class?

Q: Do you have any of the new c9 activewear?


Catch up and Victoria’s Secret Giveaway

Victoria’s Secret Giveaway!!

To catch everyone’s attention first of all I have $10 to giveaway for Victoria’s Secret. I bought 2 swimsuit tops and they came in the mail today and in with them was a gift certificate for “$10 off minimum of $10 purchase”

It isn’t good on clearance purchases though. So if you want to enter the giveaway just leave a comment telling me what you would buy with it!

It expires the 31st of July so let’s choose the winner on Saturday and you have until the end of the day Friday to enter. Sound good?

Now did you miss me this weekend? I went home and had a nice relaxing weekend. I have a lot of reviews ahead so hopefully you don’t get bored!

To start off, Friday morning before work I was making tuna salad for a sandwich to take for lunch and look what happened to me.


This egg was stuck in the carton and I was trying to pull it out and of course cracked it and then it splattered all over me.


Good thing I didn’t like the top I was wearing anyway. It was friday and friday is jeans day Smile


Lunch! I seriously have fallen in love with the Snyder’s Peanut Butter Sandwich Pretzels! I bought them with a coupon and wish they weren’t so expensive because they have become an addiction, not going to lie.

I saw Harry Potter this weekend and pretty much think this one was THE best out of them all. I loved every second of it.



I also went to Walgreens in hopes of getting Sally Hansen Crackle nail polish because I had some coupons to make it a bit better price. However, sitting right next to it was the brand Pure Ice and they came out with crackle nail polish too and instead of 6.99, these were 3.99. So I got it to try out!



Sorry for the picture quality, my phone was the only thing near me at the time.

I did run the past few days, I just didn’t take any pictures.

Thursday and Friday were both 6 miles
Saturday was 6 miles
Sunday was 8 miles
Monday is an off day

I also spent time icing my legs because they have been FATIGUED


And last but not least, I went to Target to get some good deals today after work.


My total was $2.08 and that is awesome.

I used

Start price: V8 2.99 for each

End price: 2 V8 46oz for .99 each

Start price: 0.50 for each

End price: 2 FREE packs of 10ct Bic Crystal pens


Don’t forget to enter the Victoria’s Secret Giveaway!

Q: Do you use coupons? I enjoy saving money and it’s pretty addicting. I look forward to the ads and new coupons online.

Q: Have you ever had an unfortunate morning where things just didn’t go right?

Q: Have you tried crackle nail polish? What’s your favorite brand?