Motivational Monday #17

This post is for my gal, Emma. She loves when I do these and well, I’ve slacked. 
Remember that thing called running that I used to do? Yeah, I’m slowly getting back into it. If you know my running history then you know why it’s not incredibly easy to get back into running and stick to something consecutive. It’s more spontaneous rather than planned out. 
This is what it has looked like slowly getting back into things.
4/20: 1.58 miles
4/20: 1.97 miles
4/22: 2.23 miles
4/25: 1.6 miles
4/26: 1.71 miles
I think I’ll be getting back into things and I know if I pick a race to run that I’ll be better at motivating myself to go out and run further. 
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Motivational Monday #16




Wednesday 7/15: 2.32 miles – 19:15 (8:17/mi pace)
This run was interesting. I recently got over a stomach bug and it was extremely hot out, even at 8pm. But I wanted to go run. I planned for 3 miles but a swarm of bugs hit me on my run and started to sting me. One especially stopped me because he got in my eye. I had to call it quits because I was in a lot of pain.

I wanted to get in a few more runs this week but I am currently devoting all my spare time to studying for my exit exam for my internship. AKA mock RD exam. AKA determining my future.




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It's all still up to you finally to take the first step to change!.



What are your favorite workout songs currently?
What motivates you?
How was your last week of training?