10 Reasons Today Was a Good Day

Reason 1: 7 miler was finished before 9 AM


Stats: 7 miles in 57:41 @ 8:14 pace = Recovery Day

Mile splits: 8:17, 8:01, 8:05, 8:23, 8:20, 8:22, 8:15

Pros to the run

  1. Stopped at 3 water fountains along the run AND on the way back.
  2. The shady woods were nice.
  3. Ran with my bff and teammate Jessica!

Cons to the run

  1. The fact that it said it was 72-80 degrees during our run but the humidity made it feel like 90.
  2. Legs felt like bricks and the air was hard to breathe.
  3. Just felt out of shape which will be the feeling for the next few weeks I’m sure.

Reason 2: Listened to Cartel on the drive back to the apartment.

Song I enjoyed most: This is Who We Are – Cartel (I forgot how much I enjoyed this song and the guitar in it haha)

Reason 3: Cartel has new stuff.

I thought “Man it’s been awhile, I bet Cartel has put out new music.” And of course yes, they have.

Reason 4: Cavendish won today!



He’s so good looking. *swoon*

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

Reason 5: I had a good lunch and a good popsicle


Have you tried these popsicles? They are AMAZING!! Congrats Motts, you did good! The Motts Fruitsations Ice Bars are amazing!


Reason 6: I went grocery shopping for the apartment on my own. I’d say it was successful for the most part.

Reason 7: Our pool is awesome

Reason 8: I finally saw Lights’ cameo appearance in “Deer in the Headlights” by Owl City

Reason 9: I had a good dinner


Reason 10: Jessica is coming over to watch a movie tonight

We have no idea which movie yet, but we will sure find one online!

Q: What made your day good today?

Q: Have you been watching the Tour de France?


Does My Head Look Big to You or is it Just Me?


Why yes, I do have a ginormous head. SmileMy feet look big too but I actually only wear a size 7 in Nike’s and size 6-6 1/2 in regular shoes. hah

I ran in the afternoon today and it was a bit toasty out.

4 Miles in 31:52 [7:58 per mile]


Design H

Thoughts on the run

  1. Man when will this soreness go away?
  2. This hill seems worse today than usual
  3. Oh gosh, school is letting out.
  4. Yes, thanks for honking. I enjoyed being scared out of my shoes.
  5. Stop and stretch at this intersection, don’t mind if I do.
  6. Awww cute dogs! Yes you can run with me!!
  7. I think I’ll actually run the neighborhood on the way back.
  8. Oh my gosh, why did I choose to run the neighborhood?
  9. This hill will be the death of me.
  10. So much soreness. Quadsareburning
  11. MADE IT!! Time for a drink!

Design H

I also made a new playlist.

  1. Right Thur – Chingy
  2. Get Buck in Here – DJ Felli Fel
  3. In the Ayer – Flo Rida
  4. Tipsy – J Kwon
  5. Snap yo Fingers – Lil Jon
  6. Get Low – Lil Jon
  7. Lollipop – Lil Wayne
  8. Lose Control – Missy Elliot
  9. Shake Ya Tail Feather – Nelly
  10. Party Like a Rockstar – Shop Boyz
  11. Let’s Go – Trick Daddy
  12. Black & Yellow – Wiz Khalifa
  13. It’s Going Down – Yung Joc

Just some good oldies to pump me up!!

Design H

Q: How’s your weather been? Some bloggers are still running in cold weather! I couldn’t do it!  Perfect running weather for me is what I’ve ran in the last few days 48-53ish was wonderful!!

Q: What was your workout for the day?


Playlist Monday










* Selection and Preparation of Food Class
* Aqua Jogging with the Team
* Weight Lifting
* Dinner
* Chemistry Tutoring
* Write Formal Lab Report
* Do More of Nutrition Study Guide
* Get 10/10 on Chem Homework


Readers Song Choice

MarathonMaiden says: “i’ve been listening too the new sean kingston as well as the new bruno mars, although the later isn’t really a good workout song hah :)”

Andrea says: “Lately my fave song is We Speak No Americano! Orrr I heard a really nice slow song by Christina Aguilera on the Entourage finale last night called You Lost Me.”

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My Current Obsession


What are you listening to?


Playlist Monday


Reader’s Comments:

Kelsey said “i havent been listening to any new music lately!! i did hear katy perry’s teenage dreams which i didnt like but its catchy, not gonna lie lol.”

Katie said “My son and I have been loving Chris Brown’s new song SOLO!”


Kara Goucher’s Track Trial Playlist


My Song Choice of The Week

Lights cover of “Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell.


What are you listening to?

Playlist Monday


Songs you guys like

Taio Cruz – Dynamite

Asher Roth – She Don’t Wanna Man

Jason Derulo – Ridin’ Solo


Shalane Flanagan’s Playlist



Some songs I like

Usher / PitbullDj Got Us Fallin’ In Love


Taylor Swift’s new song – Mine


Now’s your turn, what have you been listening to?


Playlist Monday


Your songs from last week:

Enrique Iglesias – I Like it

any Fergie songs

Bailey ft Jodie Connor – Higher State

DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win

Lil John – Out of Your Mind


Sara Hall’s Running Hard Playlist


To read more about each song and the actual article click here


My song choice of the week: LMFAO – Shots

It’s funny because I don’t drink at all, but this song has such a good beat.


Q: So what’s your song for the week?


Playlist Monday!


It’s that time again!! Playlist Monday is here!

Some songs from last week that were suggested were:

Drake – “Find Your Love”

U2 -  “Vertigo”

Stontelle – “Impossible”

Jason Derulo – “Ridin’ Solo”

B.O.B with Hayley Williams – “Airplanes”

Travie McCoy – “Billionaire”


Kara Goucher’s Favorites:

1. Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas
2. Timebomb – Beck
3. Say Goodbye to Love – Kenna
4. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
5. For the Girl – The Fratellis


Deena Kastor’s Long Run Playlist (source)

So now’s your time to share a song or a few that pump you up!!


Check him out




A Costco muffin. Chocolate chunks are in that :) I only ate half.




Rigatoni D from Maggianos, but my dad parents made it.


My dad and I watched Royal Pains (LOVE THAT SHOW)


running copy



Then Graham wanted to model too.


That’s his “please play with me” look


5 miles in 39:15 @ 7:51 pace per mile

Had overcast most of the morning and thunder but after lunch it was really nice out my dad said. So I waited a little for my food to settle and then got ready to run at 2. Of course the sun came out when I went out to run, oh well. There was a bit of a breeze and it wasn’t horribly hot.
mile 1: 8:04
mile 2: 7:48
mile 3: 7:46
mile 4: 7:49
mile 5: 7:46
ugh the last 2 miles were awful because I was hardcore against the wind and felt like I was taking more steps than I should.


I played this exact song about 3 times during my run. So great!!!

Alex Goot is singing the Taio Cruz song Dynamite. You have got to check out

his other covers!! So good!