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Motivational Monday (One Day Late) #20


So the struggle recently is having motivation to get a run in when it is dark out. I broke out this bad boy (running headlamp) the other night to just do a short mile run around the neighborhood. Now listen to what happened. Here I am with this giant bright light radiating from my head, running in a very quiet neighborhood that is just a mile circle of houses. I’m halfway into my run and I get startled approaching two dogs and an older woman. She’s telling me to hold on, and as we know as runners, don’t tell me to slow down or stop running, especially not “hold on.” So I moved over into the street as her tiny dogs are barking at me and trying to come at me. I just continue to run past and then will proceed to the sidewalk again. However, she wants to tell me that I scared her dogs. How can someone with lights coming out of their head, scare you and your dogs. They startled me by not having any light clothing or reflectors and were hiding behind a tree blocking the sidewalk. Regardless, I found that funny that I scared her and her dogs.


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Motivational Monday #19

workoutsMy watch arrived!!! Took it for a spin last Monday. Football is almost coming to a close, which means there will be more time for running. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into it shortly!



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