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Motivational Monday #33


Didn’t work out last week as I was busy working/under the weather. But with October here, and a race planned for Thanksgiving, it’s time to put in the work! I started today as like I said, yesterday I was still not feeling the greatest.

Planned a run around 10am with a pal and we did a nice 2.2 miles. This was great because it was my first run back and with my head pounding, it wasn’t too crazy and I was able to make it through. 

Then I had yoga at noon which helped to relax a bit. 

Ran from the gym back home which was 1.1 miles. Then did a little walk around the store to loosen the legs more and cool off before I ate lunch and showered. 


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Q: What is motivating you?

Q: What songs you are working out to?

Motivational Monday #30


I actually didn’t run this week. Looking forward with the weather, it’s looking pretty promising though. This past week I wasn’t feeling the greatest, so I passed on the opportunities. Yesterday, I started back lifting again though. Going to do 1 day at the gym, 1 day at home with equipment and then 1 day at home stretching/mobility. Then my running will be as I feel, for now. This is the workout I did yesterday! I’m calling it a full body workout, because well, my whole body hurts today. 


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Switching over to some country for this week. 



Q: What workouts have you been doing?

Q: What motivates you?

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