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Slight Recap

I kind of fell off the blogging wagon. Mainly because I forgot my camera at a few meals and it took away from the daily post. But let’s recap what’s on the camera.
Some meals.
4 Miles in 31:30 [7:52 per mile]
Indoor track because of snow. Sad smile It sucked.
Supposed to have hills but the roads were too slippery so we did a fartlek run instead.
1 mile warm up
22 minutes of 4 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy
.5 mile cool down
then we did a light lifting and light ab work.
total miles for the day: 4.5
no run – off day
Activities of the weekend
So out of pure boredom:

  1. we started throwing cards into a bowl from up on my bed.
  2. then moved to the floor and added a small bowl.
  3. then a mug to make it harder

Yes, those two in the mug are mine. Smile But that was my only good round.
At 11:00pm last night we really craved chocolate milk and were bored.
So we headed to Walmart.
Obstacles getting in the way:

  • Having to clean the snow off my car
  • Having to scrape the ice off my car
  • Frozen hands
  • Getting all the way to Brent’s dorm and realizing he left his keys in mine.

At about 11:45 we make it to Walmart.
In search of:

  • Fun games
  • puzzles
  • chocolate milk
  • composition book I need for chemistry

Then we went back and started the above puzzle at 12:30am and finished around 2:50am.
**We are currently working on puzzle 2/10

Someone should give me coordination

Today’s classes included:

  • Organic and Biological Chemistry

Perks of the class:

  • The teacher’s name is Mohammad Ali
  • He is a Jayhawks fan
  • He has great jokes

Cons of the class:

  • It’s chemistry, what else is there?



Waffle Wednesday!!! Perfect pre-workout fuel.


3x800m repeats on indoor track with 800m recovery jog in between.

  1. 1 mile warm up
  2. Pre workout drills
  3. Goal pace for 800m: 3:26
  4. Splits went something like this: 3:19, 3:22, 3:21
  5. 1 mile cool down

total miles for the day: 4.5 miles

Thoughts during drills:

  • This is so embarrassing, my coordination sucks.
  • I cannot do these drills.
  • I will probably hurt myself from doing them wrong.

Thoughts during warm up:

  • This shouldn’t be too bad.
  • Ugh the air in the gym sucks.
  • Indoor tracks are awful.

Thoughts during workout:

  • This feels easy.
  • Should I go faster?
  • Should I go slower?

Thoughts after:

  • That was easy.
  • Should’ve ran faster.



  • Tuna Sandwich on Wheat
  • Actually an apple, not a banana but my other photo is on my phone Sad smile


Pagliai’s Pizza. Unpictured. Sausage and Spinach on Whole Wheat Crust.