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Powerful Video on Childhood Obesity


Not sure if any of you have seen the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s video “Rewind the Future,” as part of their Strong 4 Life campaign, but I truly think it is a powerful message. Of course, when you have these messages, a lot of uproar follows. For me, however, I am a true fan of scare tactic messages to help get a message across.

I was checking out the campaign site and the character in this video’s name is Jim. The point of the video is to show that the choices we teach kids today become the habits they take into the future.

Jim’s mom then gets brought up in the video, as she handles Jim’s tantrums by filling up his sippy cup with juice and giving him french fries instead of his meal. Then her attempts to get him to lose weight by buying him a treadmill which actually offends him even more and feels his family thinks he is fat just like his friends do.

Like the website stated, this does not make Jim’s mom a bad person, but she has to realize that these are going to become habits for her son. So provided on the website are helpful links such as:

How to handle trantrums without bribing with food

How to save money on healthy foods

Are you affected by the seven dangers of screen time?

A heart full of good





  • fruity cheerios
  • banana
  • lunch


  • gatorade
  • baked lays
  • double deli (turkey, ham, swiss cheese, and lettuce)
  • workout

    3 Miles in 25:10 [8:23 per mile]

    Easy recovery run


    Thoughts during run:

  • I’m too tired to do another mile
  • My body hurts so bad from lifting.
  • I can’t swing my arms.
  • dinner


  • 2 pieces sausage pizza
  • french fries
  • chocolate milk
  • plat outs (kind of like quesadillas)
  • orange (did not eat apple)


    Slept in and then went to volunteer at 10am for a program one of my teachers helps out/started. It’s called Backpacks for Fridays. For short it’s called the BFF program.

    Taken from site:

    The BFF program is simple: food is delivered to participating schools,

    volunteers fill backpacks with nutritious, non-perishable, easy-to-

    open meals and snacks, which are discreetly distributed to children

    to take home over the weekend, and children return the

    backpacks on Monday for the process to be repeated throughout the

    school year.  

    It was a great experience and I hope to do this every Friday. It didn’t take long at all to volunteer and we help so many children!




  • spaghetti
  • breadstick
  • two turkey and cheese sandwiches (only ate the middles, not the outsides)
  • powerade
  • workout

    Supposed to have done a hill workout. But we ended up playing Knock Out with the basketballs for 2 hours.


    Unpictured mexican food





  • Three Sisters Cereal: Marshmallow Oaties
  • workout

    Did hill workout.

  • warmup: 10 minutes – 1.25 miles
  • hill workout: 2.9 miles in 24:12
  • 2:51
    = 4:51 loop
    = 4:51 loop
    = 4:50 loop
    = 4:51 loop
    = 4:44 loop

  • cooldown: 9:11 – 1.1 miles
  • total mileage: 5.27 miles
  • Thoughts during the run:

  • Gosh hills are so hard.
  • My quads hurt so bad.
  • Aw, look at the stray kitty. Poor thing.
  • I want to cry.
  • I can’t wait for Alex to get back.
  • This workout sucks.
  • Maybe if I stay to the left I’ll miss the bad mud patches.
  • dinner


  • few bites applesauce
  • orange
  • two pieces of philly cheesesteak pizza
  • two slices of cheese bread
  • chocolate milk
  • Sunday




  • roast beef with noodles
  • rice
  • unpictured bowl of cereal
  • workout

    Long run. Supposed to be 7 miles, but ran over because I got distracted talking to my teammate Jessica on our run Smile  I also want to congratulate her because she just ran a PR in the 5k on the track with a time of 18:12!!! Impressive!

    7.54 Miles in 1:00:33 [8:01 per mile]

    4:20 (.54 @ 8:03 pace)

    Thoughts during the run:

  • So glad I’m getting this done early.
  • Jessica is really nice.
  • It’s cold.
  • Now it’s hot and I’m sweating.
  • This feels great and very comfortable.
  • I like talking to Jessica.
  • dinner


  • turkey tetrazzini
  • 2 slices of pepperoni pizza
  • orange juice
  • a little bit of mediterranean pasta
  • 3 oranges throughout the day
  • **I may not do a vlog anymore for the Three Sisters review, but it will be soon. I know it was supposed to be forever ago but I’ve been so busy/distracted with other things.