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Preparation is Key


I prepped for my Tuesday workout by placing my clothes out early since I had a 6:30 wakeup call for a 7am workout.

The workout was a 2 x 3mile tempo and the worst workout of my life.

1st set – 21:11 ran by myself

2nd set – 21:07 coach ran with me

I felt like a big piece of poop the whole time hah.

I was supposed to average 7:00 for each set I believe. I hit 7:04 and 7:02 which isn’t too bad. I guess I just felt worse than that so it didn’t feel too good.

Total mileage for the day: 7.6 miles

Then I spent my night with this guy:


How wonderful right?

Today’s workout was quite different.

I cross trained to help my foot recover.

63 minutes on the spin bike



Yes that is my good friend, the literature book, up there. I got all my reading done in the 63 minutes biking.

I worked up a sweat and was probably huffing and puffing during my biking because all I was thinking about was this weekend and next weekend and my racing. How everything I do now will make me better. Hopefully my sweat and heavy breathing wasn’t too gross/disruptive.


Good news!!!

I got a second interview for a summer job this summer. Which is exciting because I need one!

Q: Did anything exciting happen to you today? Obviously my phone call I received about my job was exciting!

Q: Don’t you hate when you aren’t allowed to run? I usually do, but today I actually enjoyed the bike. It was nice to get off my foot and the pounding. Plus I got to get all of my homework done!


You Wanted To Know: Cross Training/Non Running Sports

Well if you’ve been reading you have noticed that I was injured for over a month or so.

Some cross training I did was:elliptical


Aqua Jog

Spin Bike

The only one I even enjoyed was aqua jogging. Why?

Elliptical is plain boring.

  1. It’s a tease.
  2. It’s the closest thing to running but yet you can’t and it doesn’t even feel the same.
  3. Time seems to go by so slow when on the elliptical.
  4. You can’t even read or do anything to pass the time because you have to have your hands on the bars.



Spin Bike hurts your butt.

If that isn’t good enough then:

  1. The seat is uncomfortable.
  2. When adjusting the height, I still can’t get comfortable.
  3. If I lean forward it hurts even more.

Aqua Jogging is fun.

  1. Friends don’t mind coming to the pool to join you.
  2. I get to use a belt because I can’t stay afloat in the deep end. (it’s a fear, leave me alone) image
  3. It reminds me of running, but no pounding.
  4. There are a lot more people to people watch at the pool.
  5. You can actually hear the music.
  6. You don’t sweat because the water is cold. +++++

However Aqua Jogging has a big negative to it: Doesn’t get my heart rate up enough. Sad smile FAIL


Some cross training activities I enjoy doing nonetheless:

  • Biking on the road bike (only on flat trails with no cars, yes I know it’s a ROAD bike, but I’m not comfortable with cars yet)
  • TAE-BO with BIlly Blanks for sure. I fell in love with Tae-Bo in middle school. (I haven’t done it for a long time)
  • Cardio Workouts (my teacher has us do cardio workout circuits in class and they get your heart rate up and make you work)

Some sports I enjoy playing:

  • Soccer
  • Knock Out/Just shooting hoops with the basketball
  • ULTIMATE FRISBEE (my favorite activity ever!)
  • Bowling (does that count? I Red heart to bowl)
  • Racquetball!!! (My new found love)

So those are some of my favorite cross training activities and sports to play!!