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Today + Weekend: Feed and The Girl Before

This Google Chrome Extension Momentum is great. This morning’s picture is just breathtaking. 

Currently I am sitting drinking coffee, writing this post and enjoying my essential oil diffuser. I don’t have anything fancy, just an inexpensive diffuser and essential oils from Walmart. Works like a charm though. 

Plans for the day:

  • Evaluate a 3 day food log
  • Create some handouts
  • Catch up on magazines

Got a pretty tough schedule….ha!

But I will also be checking out some new blogs to read/new people to follow on social media. 

This weekend plans:

Watch the movie “Feed”: Have you heard about this one? I have already heard better reviews on this movie than “To the Bone,” which is great because I wasn’t a fan of “To the Bone.”

I spoke on my social media outlet my feelings toward the movie. 


I’m already excited about this movie because just from the trailer you experience the ED voice, the trauma that started the ED and the sense of control, and the trauma an ED can cause (ex: tube feed insertion.) This trailer already shows more about eating disorders than “To the Bone,” really portrayed. 

Troian Bellisario on How ‘Feed’ Helped Her Examine Her Eating Disorder ‘From a Greater Perspective’

So like I said, I’m pumped about this film and will give my review on it after I watch it this weekend. 

I also hope to read more of my book. I subscribe to BookBub emails. This sends me one book that is on sale each day. Or you can login to your account and see all the books on sale. I sometimes will buy them when they are 0.99 or 1.99 for my Kindle, but most times I’ll check the library ebooks and see if I can put my name on the reserve list. That’s what I did for this one.

Guilty slow reader over here (I don’t know why since I have so much time now,) but I was half way through All the Missing Girls and am waiting to check it back out, so I started a new book called The Girl Before. Both books are thrillers, because ever since I read Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, I have become obsessed. Why does the word “girl” have to exist in all the titles though?! Anyway, you can click my affiliate links below to read the description of each one! 

The Girl Before

All the Missing Girls
So like I said, I hope to catch up on some reading over this weekend. Maybe if it stops being so gosh darn hot (heat advisory,) then I’ll pop out for a run outside. I’m looking forward to next week’s weather already!
Have a great weekend!! 

Q: What are your weekend plans?

Q: What blogs do you recommend?

Q: What books are you reading?

Q: Have you seen Feed or To the Bone? Thoughts?

Book Progress of 2013

books read in 2013

Hyperbole and a Half
Fifty Shades Darker
Water with Lemon
Girls in White Dresses
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
Mocking Jay
Sarah’s Key 

I had a goal to read one book a month, but eight books actually impressed me regardless. However, I’m bringing back that goal this year. The next three months have been drafted as such:

Already read: Adulting
To read: Mindless Eating
Salt, Sugar and Fat

Happily Ever After

Fifty Shades Freed

That’s obviously six books, but I’m really trying to put in time for reading. So we shall see what happens!