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And the Preparation Begins


Rode equivalent to 3 miles running on the bike (27:00)

Ran 4 miles

total mileage: 7 miles running


Easy run. Ran 3 miles.

Was supposed to do 4 but my arch was hurting more than imaginable. Most likely because I have been running different to cater to the ball of my foot.


Workout day!

6 x 300m

  • goal: start @ 70, work down to 62
  • splits: 67, 67, 67, 65, 64, 61

2 mile tempo

  • goal: 14:00
  • splits: 7:00, 7:09 = 14:09

6 x 150m

goal: FAST

warm up = 1 mile

cool down = 1 mile

total mileage = 6 miles

It is now preparation for the Ole Miss.

Things I will do to prepare for my 5k

  1. Think positively from here on out
  2. Ice
  3. Get my ultrasounds and light therapy done on my foot
  4. Stretch really well
  5. Think sub 20 minutes for a 5k and believe you can do it




Thank Goodness!!!



Your kind words helped! I would like to say I have ran two days pain free, both 7 miles.

Sunday I broke up my run because I had planned on doing 50/50 with running and bike. However, on my way to bike I decided to just finish my run because I felt so good.

7 Miles in 56:57 [8:08 per mile]


Tuesday (yesterday) we had a workout.

2k, 3 min rest, 1k, 2 min rest, 2k, 3 min rest, 1k, 2 min rest, 2k @ 10k pace


Now hopefully my foot will stay healthy!!

MRI results showed no neuroma and just fluid and inflammation! That is great!!

I was going to race this weekend, but thankfully we decided next weekend would be better. So I will be racing the 5k at Ole Miss!

So thank you for all your kind comments, they definitely helped my recovery! Open-mouthed smile