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10 Reasons Today Was a Good Day

Reason 1: 7 miler was finished before 9 AM


Stats: 7 miles in 57:41 @ 8:14 pace = Recovery Day

Mile splits: 8:17, 8:01, 8:05, 8:23, 8:20, 8:22, 8:15

Pros to the run

  1. Stopped at 3 water fountains along the run AND on the way back.
  2. The shady woods were nice.
  3. Ran with my bff and teammate Jessica!

Cons to the run

  1. The fact that it said it was 72-80 degrees during our run but the humidity made it feel like 90.
  2. Legs felt like bricks and the air was hard to breathe.
  3. Just felt out of shape which will be the feeling for the next few weeks I’m sure.

Reason 2: Listened to Cartel on the drive back to the apartment.

Song I enjoyed most: This is Who We Are – Cartel (I forgot how much I enjoyed this song and the guitar in it haha)

Reason 3: Cartel has new stuff.

I thought “Man it’s been awhile, I bet Cartel has put out new music.” And of course yes, they have.

Reason 4: Cavendish won today!



He’s so good looking. *swoon*

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Reason 5: I had a good lunch and a good popsicle


Have you tried these popsicles? They are AMAZING!! Congrats Motts, you did good! The Motts Fruitsations Ice Bars are amazing!


Reason 6: I went grocery shopping for the apartment on my own. I’d say it was successful for the most part.

Reason 7: Our pool is awesome

Reason 8: I finally saw Lights’ cameo appearance in “Deer in the Headlights” by Owl City

Reason 9: I had a good dinner


Reason 10: Jessica is coming over to watch a movie tonight

We have no idea which movie yet, but we will sure find one online!

Q: What made your day good today?

Q: Have you been watching the Tour de France?


Just a Little Bit of Race Fun

I have fallen off the face of the planet obviously.

The news:

  1. I found a great job.
  2. I have moved back to school to live in our apartment and work.
  3. The apartment does not have internet.
  4. Therefore Sam cannot blog.
  5. Hopefully we can get internet set up within the next few days!

I’ll just break down my week’s training real quickly.

  • Monday: off day
  • Tuesday: 4.75 miles. (15 minute hill workout – 1.75 miles done)
  • Wednesday: 6 mile mid week long run in 48:13 @ 8:02 pace
  • Thursday: 5 mile run in 40:31 @ 8:06 pace
  • Friday: 5 mile run in 40:00 @ 8:00 pace
  • Saturday: unscheduled off day. Got home too late from helping clean up our house.
  • Sunday: 7 mile long run in 55:30 @ 7:55 pace


Yesterday I ran the Macklind Mile for the 4th of July. I ran this race last year and you can see that recap here.

Going into the race, I didn’t even expect to PR since I have only been training for a few weeks and haven’t really done much speed work. But I love this race and it’s a fun time. I did have hopes to break 5:40 but would be content with breaking 5:50 to PR.


I am a long distance girl and only really know how to pace myself for long runs so the mile was a bit hard for me. I held back too much and had a lot left at the end but not another gear to switch to. My second quarter I held back too much thinking I didn’t want to die like last year. Well I’m in better shape than I think.


I ended up with a chip time of 5:41.0 so I was definitely content with that time at this point in the off season!


I finished 3rd in my age group of 20-24 and 11th woman overall out of 302.

After my race I had to do a workout because normally our workouts are tuesday and this week was a 3 mile progressive tempo. However since I raced on Monday, coach told me to just do a 15 minute fartlek after my race.

So after I watched the Elite Wave, Alex ran my fartlek with me. It was 2 minutes on, 1 minute off. So 2 minutes fast and 1 minute slower. If you’ve done a fartlek then you know that you keep this cycle until you’ve reached your time limit.

I was pretty shocked at how fast my on’s were. Especially after just racing. I hit 6:40 pace twice and a 6:45/6:50ish pace for a few others. The rest were at the beginning and around 7:15ish pace. My legs were still a bit jelly at the beginning.

Overall I had a great day! Pretty pumped for cross country, knowing that I am in shape for a 5:41 mile currently. That makes sub 6:30 pace for a 5k sound pretty obtainable. We’ll see though!

Not sure when I will be able to blog again, but I will once I get internet! Promise!

Q: Did you run a 4th of July Race?

Q: If not, what did you do on the 4th?