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Does This Face Look Intimidating to You?


This is my intimidating face and pose. I mean just look how ripped I am. Imagine the rolls are really a 6 pack and then picture it. haha!!!!

Anyway, I destroyed my run today. It was a gorgeous 75 degrees.

6 Miles in 45:40 [7:36 per mile]


Thoughts on the Run

  1. My gosh it’s gorgeous outside!! I’m a little chilly just standing here.
  2. I swear if that raccoon (its not a possum. I checked) is still there I’m going to flip!!
  3. OH MY GOSH It smells AWFUL! Somebody remove this animal please!
  4. Please don’t stare at me while I wait at the intersection, it’s a bit creepy.
  5. Garmin decided to be off a bit today. Good thing I can manually lap the mile and he’ll catch on for the others.
  6. Thank goodness!!! They cut the grass finally!!!!
  7. It’s starting to sprinkle, I hope it rains!!!
  8. Darn, just a tease. No rain. Sun go away please. It was nice when you were gone.
  9. I really wish the pool still had a drinking fountain. Hopefully they get one so I can stop there.
  10. Time to stretch real quick and head back.
  11. I like out and backs because the heading back part makes things go by faster and better.
  12. I can’t believe how much the weather makes a difference on running pace.
  13. I feel great!! This is awesome.
  14. OH MY 7:12 pace? REALLY?! I cannot wait to race!
  15. Good thing I have an off day because this pace today is something that will probably not happen for awhile I’m sure.
  16. My body might need a nice recover, so let’s book it in anyway!

There’s one part on my run that I like to pick up pace and basically do a stride. Not a sprint but a stride during my run. It’s usually between two stop lights that I always have to stop at and they are about 150m apart from each other, it’s pretty fun!

Other news. I ran 5 miles friday (not timed) and 4 miles Saturday on the indoor track in our school’s rec center because I was in Cape for the day. That run went amazing and also pretty quick. I guesstimate it to be around 7:45ish pace for that run. Can’t really get an accurate pace unless I counted the laps and no thank you.

Our apartment is gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Q: Do you like running in the rain? I love it!! I hate starting out running in the rain but love when it starts raining during my run!

Q: If you know you have an off day the next day do you push yourself the day before or just stay the same? Normally I just run how my body feels, but at the end of my run I kind of picked up the pace a bit because I knew I didn’t have to run tomorrow and I kind of wanted to get some speed work in. It was mainly me focusing on form up this hill to get to my house hah. Instead of letting the hill kick my butt like usual, I put it into gear and destroyed it.


Scare off the Heat

So looking back, I guess I haven’t posted about my run since Thursday. So let’s catch up.


I ran at 8:30 at night because it was 97 degrees all day basically.

4 Miles in 32:19 [8:04 per mile]



I didn’t time this at all. But I ran 4 miles. Since I ran so late the night before and this was at 7:30am, I didn’t care about pace or time. I knew I didn’t have much recovery so I just went out and ran my normal 4 mile route.



This is my “Ah look at me, I’m going to go destroy my run. Screw the heat! It has nothing against me.” OR “The heat will take one look at me, especially this face and won’t bother me anymore”

6 Miles in 48:18 [8:03 per mile]


Thoughts on the run

  1. Having new music really makes running more fun
  2. Oh my god a dead animal! That better not smell
  3. I hate this side of the road, the sidewalk is all broken and in pieces.
  4. The sno cone place better have water.
  5. I bet this family wishes I was wearing a shirt right now
  6. Move out of the way, I’m going to run into you lady!
  7. Ew, it smells like that guy ran over dog poop with his lawn mower
  8. It’s nice and shady this way. I might run here more often
  9. Except there’s this wonderful hill right here that is a pain
  10. Time to turn around and head back
  11. Oh hi people staring at me from your car. Yes I know I look awesome
  12. Is it weird for me to be smiling while running?
  13. I cannot wait for cross country. I have never wanted anything more than improve so much.
  14. I miss cape. But not cape hills.
  15. Mmmm papa johns for dinner. I cannot wait to get back!!

Can we get a HOORAH because I have less than a week left of my summer class! Also I finally found a job which I could not be more excited about!

Q: What is the worst thing someone has yelled at you while running/working out?

Q: Do you plan your runs based on water locations?