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Just a Little Bit of Race Fun

I have fallen off the face of the planet obviously.

The news:

  1. I found a great job.
  2. I have moved back to school to live in our apartment and work.
  3. The apartment does not have internet.
  4. Therefore Sam cannot blog.
  5. Hopefully we can get internet set up within the next few days!

I’ll just break down my week’s training real quickly.

  • Monday: off day
  • Tuesday: 4.75 miles. (15 minute hill workout – 1.75 miles done)
  • Wednesday: 6 mile mid week long run in 48:13 @ 8:02 pace
  • Thursday: 5 mile run in 40:31 @ 8:06 pace
  • Friday: 5 mile run in 40:00 @ 8:00 pace
  • Saturday: unscheduled off day. Got home too late from helping clean up our house.
  • Sunday: 7 mile long run in 55:30 @ 7:55 pace


Yesterday I ran the Macklind Mile for the 4th of July. I ran this race last year and you can see that recap here.

Going into the race, I didn’t even expect to PR since I have only been training for a few weeks and haven’t really done much speed work. But I love this race and it’s a fun time. I did have hopes to break 5:40 but would be content with breaking 5:50 to PR.


I am a long distance girl and only really know how to pace myself for long runs so the mile was a bit hard for me. I held back too much and had a lot left at the end but not another gear to switch to. My second quarter I held back too much thinking I didn’t want to die like last year. Well I’m in better shape than I think.


I ended up with a chip time of 5:41.0 so I was definitely content with that time at this point in the off season!


I finished 3rd in my age group of 20-24 and 11th woman overall out of 302.

After my race I had to do a workout because normally our workouts are tuesday and this week was a 3 mile progressive tempo. However since I raced on Monday, coach told me to just do a 15 minute fartlek after my race.

So after I watched the Elite Wave, Alex ran my fartlek with me. It was 2 minutes on, 1 minute off. So 2 minutes fast and 1 minute slower. If you’ve done a fartlek then you know that you keep this cycle until you’ve reached your time limit.

I was pretty shocked at how fast my on’s were. Especially after just racing. I hit 6:40 pace twice and a 6:45/6:50ish pace for a few others. The rest were at the beginning and around 7:15ish pace. My legs were still a bit jelly at the beginning.

Overall I had a great day! Pretty pumped for cross country, knowing that I am in shape for a 5:41 mile currently. That makes sub 6:30 pace for a 5k sound pretty obtainable. We’ll see though!

Not sure when I will be able to blog again, but I will once I get internet! Promise!

Q: Did you run a 4th of July Race?

Q: If not, what did you do on the 4th?


Does This Face Look Intimidating to You?


This is my intimidating face and pose. I mean just look how ripped I am. Imagine the rolls are really a 6 pack and then picture it. haha!!!!

Anyway, I destroyed my run today. It was a gorgeous 75 degrees.

6 Miles in 45:40 [7:36 per mile]


Thoughts on the Run

  1. My gosh it’s gorgeous outside!! I’m a little chilly just standing here.
  2. I swear if that raccoon (its not a possum. I checked) is still there I’m going to flip!!
  3. OH MY GOSH It smells AWFUL! Somebody remove this animal please!
  4. Please don’t stare at me while I wait at the intersection, it’s a bit creepy.
  5. Garmin decided to be off a bit today. Good thing I can manually lap the mile and he’ll catch on for the others.
  6. Thank goodness!!! They cut the grass finally!!!!
  7. It’s starting to sprinkle, I hope it rains!!!
  8. Darn, just a tease. No rain. Sun go away please. It was nice when you were gone.
  9. I really wish the pool still had a drinking fountain. Hopefully they get one so I can stop there.
  10. Time to stretch real quick and head back.
  11. I like out and backs because the heading back part makes things go by faster and better.
  12. I can’t believe how much the weather makes a difference on running pace.
  13. I feel great!! This is awesome.
  14. OH MY 7:12 pace? REALLY?! I cannot wait to race!
  15. Good thing I have an off day because this pace today is something that will probably not happen for awhile I’m sure.
  16. My body might need a nice recover, so let’s book it in anyway!

There’s one part on my run that I like to pick up pace and basically do a stride. Not a sprint but a stride during my run. It’s usually between two stop lights that I always have to stop at and they are about 150m apart from each other, it’s pretty fun!

Other news. I ran 5 miles friday (not timed) and 4 miles Saturday on the indoor track in our school’s rec center because I was in Cape for the day. That run went amazing and also pretty quick. I guesstimate it to be around 7:45ish pace for that run. Can’t really get an accurate pace unless I counted the laps and no thank you.

Our apartment is gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Q: Do you like running in the rain? I love it!! I hate starting out running in the rain but love when it starts raining during my run!

Q: If you know you have an off day the next day do you push yourself the day before or just stay the same? Normally I just run how my body feels, but at the end of my run I kind of picked up the pace a bit because I knew I didn’t have to run tomorrow and I kind of wanted to get some speed work in. It was mainly me focusing on form up this hill to get to my house hah. Instead of letting the hill kick my butt like usual, I put it into gear and destroyed it.