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Do You Like When I Flex My Muscles Like This?


HAH I didn’t take a picture today before my run. But I can only imagine this looks so much better anyway. No? Too old for you? How about this one?


Too young? Dang. Okay let’s try once more.


Okay I thought that was a bit better. Yes my abs have gotten a lot better haven’t they? What can I say, this whole “world ending” thing made me realize my priorities and I had to look good when it happened so many hours went into ab workout yesterday, can you tell?

Okay onto some seriousness…or not.

3 Miles in 24:30 [8:10 per mile]


Thoughts on the run

  1. Wow it is 86 degrees out and very humid. This will be fun…not.
  2. Eating some of that chinese food at alex’s was a bad idea. But it was sooo good.
  3. Garmin I AM NOT running as slow as you are telling me right now. Get a grip.
  4. What a nice relaxing run today. I don’t care what pace, even if it is right.
  5. hi dogs!!! I bet you are sweating.
  6. I think it’s nearing 6pm, the world should be ending soon.
  7. Well, the world didn’t end so I guess I have to finish this run.
  8. Is it possible to sweat this much, seriously?
  9. I LOVE this remix!!!! So good!
  10. I wish I had Kat Perry’s new song. That makes me want to dance.
  11. I’ll have to get it when I get home.
  12. I wonder what is for dinner.
  13. I don’t want to do my 5 miler tomorrow.
  14. I wonder how I’ll feel running in the morning since I’m running so late tonight.
  15. Oh well, it won’t matter since it’s the first week of training. I can run slow if I need to, gotta stay healthy!!
  16. YAY HOME!!!

I also want to say congrats to all my high school friends that made it to STATE in track!!!! Open-mouthed smile 

Q: Do you love Katy Perry’s new song?

Q: How’s your weekend so far?!


These Legs Look So Angelic



Lol the title of my post comes from this picture from my run today. Don’t be jealous your legs don’t look angelic or as if they come from the heavens above.

Funny Story, you know in high school where you vote on “prettiest smile” or “most likely to succeed?” Well I really wanted the award for best legs. Especially because I just had my surgery and come on, my legs looked sooo good! Well I lost to a soccer player who happened to be an old best friend.

Let’s just say when I go back to my reunion, if I do, then they will be like “DANG that girl should’ve been voted best legs!” Obviously. hah

Design L

Onto my run. I didn’t run yesterday, it was an off day. Which is why I’m posting later, because I had nothing to say. But I did today’s run so I’ll post that.

3.25 Miles in 26:37 [8:11 per mile]


Thoughts on the run

  1. Man my hands hurt from carrying these redbox movies
  2. I hope I don’t throw them as I run. That would be awful.
  3. Oh no my bracelet is coming undone.
  4. I can’t wait to return these movies.
  5. My hands are free!!
  6. My gosh it is humid out today and the wind is very strong.
  7. Oh hello dude I saw the other day running. You brought your big headphones again. Nice.
  8. I’m not going to do 4 miles today.
  9. Maybe I’ll do 3.5
  10. Leg swings are not helping my groin muscle out.
  11. Neither is this stretch.
  12. Okay let’s just see how far I make it back.
  13. Okay I have to stop, I’m winded and sore.
  14. When will I be in shape again?
  15. Time to ice my groin. It is sore.

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Q: Did you ever win an award like the ones mentioned above?

Q: What are some things you love about yourself?