Boring day, I’m so boring

5 days until the half marathon!!

Breakfast was the same as yesterday, so I’ll use the same picture.


I even added cinnamon sugar on top again.

Lunch was a mess


Chicken Cordon Bleu, scalloped potatoes with cheese, cheesy bread

let’s just say it wasn’t good and looked like this after


Oh yeah there was nasty pasta under the bread. So the potatoes were like rubber and the pasta was all runny and gross. Chicken Cordon Bleu was a bit decent and of course the bread was good too.

Of course I was still hungry so I went back for more food.



I’m so healthy I know! Thanks!


Had a 4 mile run at half marathon pace

4 miles in 31:57 @ 7:59 pace

mileage time
mile 1 7:41
mile 2 8:09
mile 3 8:11
mile 4 7:54

It was so insanely windy!! I hope it’s not like that on race day!!

Speaking of running, I really want to upgrade to the Garmin 405.


It’s so pretty, I would wear it during the day too! I have a coupon and there’s a $50 dollar rebate on it so instead of $299 I can get it for $200. However, I don’t have $200


I think my garmin 305 is seeing it’s days! It moves really slow and just doesn’t look as good as this one. Plus this garmin is touch screen and finds the satellite super fast!! Alex makes me jealous all the time because his finds satellite almost once we step outside and mine we have to stand and wait for 5 minutes. 🙁


Oh well.

I also want a RoadID since I run by myself. It’d be nice to have just in case something were to happen. Plus they look cool!



Q: Do you have a garmin?

Q: Do you have a RoadID?



  1. Amy @ Second City Randomness | 6th Apr 10

    ha ha… I’m pretty sure my breakfast looks almost exactly the same every day. No lies.

    Good luck on the half this weekend!

    • feetinmotion | 6th Apr 10

      If it’s good then why change?! That’s what I think! I’ll switch it up sometimes with cereal though because I love cereal too! But usually I don’t have milk in the dorm room!

  2. genesis | 6th Apr 10

    bummer some of your food wasnt too good.

    hey if you want a chance to win a road id go here

    • feetinmotion | 6th Apr 10

      It really was a bummer! I entered that giveaway! I hope I win it!

  3. Megan | 6th Apr 10

    I can’t wait to hear how you do in the half marathon!! You’ll rock it..

    and don’t worry.. I pretyt much have the same breakfasts every day too 🙂

    • feetinmotion | 6th Apr 10

      Thanks girl!! I can’t wait to run it!! And then talk about it and share all the cool stuff I got at the expo!

  4. Matt | 6th Apr 10

    I have a Garmin 405 and a Road ID. I only use the Garmin though 😉

    • feetinmotion | 6th Apr 10

      Aww why don’t you use the roadID?

  5. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) | 6th Apr 10

    haha yay for you 1/2 marathon so soooon! love the cheesy goodness in this post


    • feetinmotion | 6th Apr 10

      I’ve missed you Shelley!! Glad you’ve returned!!

  6. Ashlei | 7th Apr 10

    I just bought the Garmin 305! I can’t wait for it to come in the mail (tomorrow!!). I’m excited to use it and hope it helps my running…I’ve been using a free program on the iPhone and it’s not very good.

    I want a road ID too since I run by myself also….

    Only a few more days until your half! Woot woot! That’s awesome 🙂

    • feetinmotion | 7th Apr 10

      You’ll love the 305!!! It’s so nice! Mine’s just really old and seeing it’s time, plus the garmin 405 is smaller and I would want to wear it all the time if I got it, so to even wear during the day when I’m not running!

      Oh I know!! I’m so excited, it’s almost half marathon time!!

  7. jeri | 7th Apr 10

    I have the 405, and it still takes forever to find the satellites, plus I was only able to get the black, which looks like an old man watch. :p Oh well. I need a Road ID too, I meant to ask for one for Xmas, but no one bothered to ask me for gift ideas. Geeeeeeez. 🙂

    • feetinmotion | 7th Apr 10

      How rude!! I’ll ask you what you want for christmas this year 🙂 You’re so cute! You’re the first person I’ve heard about the 405 taking forever. The people I know that have them, it finds right away. Poor girl!

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