Big Brother UK–Luke S

People find my blog by some interesting Google Searches. For example:

  • 21st birthday drinks
  • It’s my birthday drink all the vodka
  • molly huddle abs
  • my feet are hunchbacked
  • peacock running
  • kara goucher running quotes
  • funny 21st birthday pictures tumblr
  • funny sciatica

many others but those were the most recent. Unfortunately my abs look nothing like Molly Huddles, we won’t be drinking all the vodka on my 21st, considering it has passed and I’m sorry your feet are hunchbacked, at least you aren’t hunchbacked. Lastly, there is nothing funny about sciatica’s. 🙂

So I’m a bit obsessed with Big Brother. I am an episode behind on Big Brother US and many behind on Big Brother UK. But I have now reached episode 32 on BBUK and will have to go home soon so I can retrieve the others. I absolutely LOVE BBUK. I would marry Luke S if I could.

I mean, I could look at that all day. Plus his voice, so charming.