Best Race Thus Far

My first week of school has ended. I also ran the best collegiate race of my life.

So let’s backtrack to last Saturday. We raced at 4pm and arrived around 10:30am at Carbondale. My teammate Madalyn and I were seeded at 11:50 which were seeds #2 and #3 and the seed #1 was 11:40.

We warmed up for 10 minutes and went down to check in. The #1 seed girl was not racing. Madalyn and I started to get really excited because there was a possibility of going 1 and 2 in the race like we wanted to.

The race starts and Madalyn leads us for more than half of the race (15 laps.) I’m trying hard to help her out and help lead but it was so hard to get into that next gear to get passed her because I would inch up and she would kick faster and on and on it went. I think it was 8 laps left when I was able to kick into gear and help her out. (When racing it was really hard to know who was behind you and how far, so pretty much the whole last part I thought Madalyn was right behind me like I was to her at the beginning.) With about 1.5 laps left I got passed, by a girl that was not my teammate. I tried to go with her but she just had a kick that I did not have. I was tired from putting on surges to catch my teammate and help her out and just could not get this girl. I finished 2nd and Madalyn finished 3rd. We ran an 11:44 and a 11:54 for a 3k. Now don’t get mistaken, there were 3 heats of the 3k and we were the slow one, therefore overall we placed 16th and 18th. However, we both had the best race of our collegiate career and both PR’d! Madalyn is my roommate and one of my best friends and I could not have pictured that race to be any more fun than it truly was. We both have come off huge injuries and have been rebuilding for a few years and we continue to get better and better.

Post-race picture

Then of course, my friend and teammate Jenny had to get a picture to show off our bunhuggers which truly make us run faster and feel faster haha!

Don’t fret, I did not race in my trainers. This was just post cool down picture!

So overall it was a blast and exciting! We both can’t wait to see how much better we can get and take it day by day.

As for classes go, I am trying to get a 4.0 this semester to help boost my 3.4 GPA up a little bit. Since my science classes and certain professors destroyed my GPA last semester, I am going to work to bring it back up over a 3.5.

Classes this semester:

  • Dietetics Seminar
  • Nutrition II
  • World Food & Society
  • Marketing
  • Research Methods

This means that I focus a lot of time to that area but also I have a set schedule and love it. I work all morning until I go to class. I go to class and then head straight to practice. I come home, shower and eat dinner and then I do homework. So time for blogging/perusing the internet get’s put on the back burner. But I will try my best to keep you all updated with the big things in life, such as races!

I might incorporate some of my classes into blog posts so it’s interesting for you, but also helping me study. Since nutrition is important 🙂

Hope things are well!