Whoops! Dessert’s the best part!

I forgot to include my dessert and snack last night!


The cafeteria had Slab Stone Ice Cream and it was incredible! I wanted Vanilla but they were out so I got chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and reese’s pieces.




Then later in the night I had an unpictured string cheese and some grapes and strawberries!



More Quaker Squares. No picture. And a special K bar I was given in sports nutrition yesterday. That was really good!




Nachos, cheesy bread, sausage/pepperoni pizza.


Then I was still hungry since my breakfast wasn’t very big so I got two pieces of Supreme Pizza.


I didn’t run today because I have some side pain on my right, above my hip bone. I guess where your appendix is maybe? Not sure. But I think I just pulled something when I was trying to change my form yesterday. Coach Krieger told me I hold my arms too close to my body and let them get lazy so he told me how to use them and I tried to do that. I must’ve pulled a muscle maybe. Anyway, It hurts a lot and I didn’t want to test it running in case it was something else.


We went to Olives and they have a new “create your own pizza.” Yes I have had a lot of pizza but you could get a whole pizza and medium drink for one meal on the meal plan. Which is a great deal considering you can rarely get anything that filling for that price.

I got artichoke and sausage.




Had some apples with cinnamon sugar on them.


On our 9th anniversary alex and I painted a plate. Like it?

IMAG0152 IMAG0153

That’s all I have for you!!!


New PR, that’s exciting!!


IMAG0143 IMAG0142

Lots of quaker Oatmeal squares and a banana bread muffin my dad made!!!



Check out all that white and brown!! For you dad! 🙂


Here’s a little more color.


NEW PR NEW PR NEW PR!!!!! I had 3xmile repeats today on the track. I ran then by myself. Look at what I did!!!

mile 1: 6:12!!!!!
mile 2: 6:41
mile 3: 6:41

The first mile I went to fast considering I still had two miles left. But it was pretty impressive! So that means I am faster than a 6:12 miler because if I just raced the mile, I wouldn’t have more to run after and I would be racing other people. How exciting!!

My half marathon is April 11th!! 11 days from today!!! AHH!! So exciting!!



Before picture


After picture. You can obviously see what was good and what wasn’t.

Check it out dad, there’s some color!!

The spinach with cottage cheese on top is amazing and I definitely plan to get it more often.

American Idol

Definitely feel the guys are stronger than the girls and there will be a guy winner this year.


Q: What’s your fastest mile?

Q: Who do you think will win American Idol?


I had great eats today!


Tried Almond Butter for the first time!! Not sure how I feel about it yet. Maybe it’s just the brand that I’m iffy on, maybe other almond butter tastes better.



I forgot to say that yesterday before my run I had an incredible Banana Bread muffin that my daddy made! It was yumm!! Perfect for right before a run.



Double Deli Sandwich with ham and turkey as well as american and swiss cheese. Cheese tots and fried green beans. I didn’t eat all the tots because I traded more of them for more fried green beans, sooo good!! And I only ate half my sandwich. It’s too filling for the whole thing.


IMAG0139 <—delicious!


Had 9 miles planned but only did 8.5 because poor Megan is still having shin pain. I hope she gets better!! Did the first 5 miles with Alex and last 3.5 with Megan! I split up each run on my garmin but I added the times together to get the average pace.


here’s the two runs broken down:

5 miles in 41:06 @ 8:13 pace

mileage time
mile 1 8:23
mile 2 8:31
mile 3 8:26
mile 4 7:58
mile 5 7:46

3.5 miles in 31:43 @ 9:03 pace

mileage time
mile 1 9:12
mile 2 9:09
mile 3 9:02
mile 3.5 4:20

total: 8.5 miles in 1:12:49 @ 8:34 pace


Dinner was incredible!!! They had White Chicken Nachos and the recipe was from a place in St Charles 🙂 I also had a piece of ham!


I absolutely love black beans!! They are so yummy. I think those are the only beans I really like.

1 1/2 cups of Orange Juice



At 8:30pm I made a green monster!!

2 handfuls of spinach
lots of frozen mangoes, papaya, pineapple
fresh strawberries

P3290009 P3290010

Better than the one yesterday but really need some fruit juice and sherbet would be good too! I’ll have to try that this weekend and get a small thing of sherbet since it won’t keep in the freezer.


Would you like a weekend recap? Good.



Delicious Quaker Oatmeal Squares. The cinnamon flavor!!



This was my first time trying the oatmeal squares. I’ve seen them around a lot and thought they’ve always looked good. Well now I know that they taste just as good! 🙂


I went to check out the Yurbuds kiosk in the mall around lunchtime and got to try out the product. I want to say right now that if you have not tried out these earbuds then you have to rush out and do so! They are guaranteed not to fall out of your ears and I have ran with them twice so far. I took them on my 4 mile progressive run where I was running extremely fast and they didn’t even move then I ran with them on the treadmill for 3 miles and usually headphones fall out of my ears more on the treadmill than the road and they still stayed!! Check them out


They are also trying to help raise $1 million dollars for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and are going to donate $10 from your purchase to the foundation!


Had to do my 4 mile progressive run, but I was more excited to do the run so I could try out the yurbuds in action!

4 miles in 20:10 @ 7:32 pace

mileage time
mile 1 7:49
mile 2 7:51
mile 3 7:08
mile 4 7:20


yummy spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner!! And a piece of garlic bread, but i ate it before the picture could be taken!



Watched Blindside with the family. I love this movie. It was my second time seeing it and still amazed me. So funny and a must see. But you can make your own decision to see it! 🙂



Came back to school and was not happy about that.

The drive home was really nice. Good music was on the radio and new songs actually. The weather was great. I got back to school and hit up the grocery store to get something for dinner and grab milk. I bought ravioli, easy mac and milk.

Once I got to my dorm I had to make 2 trips from my car of which I had to park far away to bring in all of my stuff.


Unpacked a few things and went to the rec center to do my 3 miles on the treadmill. I was supposed to do my 9 mile long run but since it was already dark out I am doing that today and switched my workouts for the day.

Once The Amazing Race came on the TV I started cruising on the treadmill and it made the time pass so much faster even though it was difficult running and reading subtitles that sometimes didn’t make any sense haha.

3 miles in 25:21 @ 8:27 pace

The time was probably faster because the treadmill starts counting before you even get up to speed and start running.


First Green Monster

I came back and did my first attempt at a green monster

1 cup milk
2 cups spinach
1 whole banana
4 small frozen strawberries
4 frozen pineapple chunks

Definitely had too much banana but was still good. Next time I want to use a juice instead of milk to get more fruit flavor.

P3280002 P3280003



With my green monster I had the Full Circle ravioli I picked up at the store for $0.89.

P3280008 P3280009


Wish the ravioli would’ve been meat filling instead of cheese. They weren’t very good but I still ate most of it. However I was still hungry so I had some combo crackers.

P3280012 P3280013

You can never go wrong with Combo’s!

Then I just waited for alex to get back from the Alabama relays!

Q: How was your weekend?


What a great day!

Hello everyone!!

First off I have to ask, who watched Food Revolution tonight? Let’s just say I’m not sure I can ever eat chicken nuggets again after seeing that. If anyone can tell me some chicken nuggets that don’t involve that portion of the chicken/all its bones then let me know. Thanks! hah



I actually tricked you because I didn’t drink this orange juice. I wasn’t very hungry so I just had fruity cheerios and since I had milk with my cereal I wasn’t thirsty for the orange juice.



Wasn’t very hungry for lunch either. I ate most of my hot dog and a few cheese tots.

Drove home after lunch!!! It was so beautiful out and the drive went by super fast.

When I got home I took this boy on a walk!


Do you like his hair cut? lol his curls are gone.

We walked to the high school track because my friend was doing a 5k time trial. 🙂 He didn’t run the 15:50 he wanted to but did run 16:46 or so. Pretty good considering he didn’t really have people running with him/competition but had other track guys running in front to give Cameron some guys to catch. It was fun to watch. I got to count the laps.

My momma and I then went to Target and I found a killer sports bra and full tights for winter for super cheap. Sports bra was 4.24 and tights were 6.24!!! Such a great deal!!




I love Champion products!!

My momma was nice enough to buy these for me. She’s so great!


We then decided on quesadilla’s for dinner and stopped at Shop n Save


Very tasty!! So glad we had them!

Then of course it was Food Revolution time!!!


I had some of this Edy’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream


not my picture. [source][/source]


And now I’m blogging.

This little guy is joining me!!



Have a great night!!


Talk to you tomorrow night!!

Thanks to my girl Sammi at runningtofit I will now be able to reply to everyone’s comments via email!! She’s so great!!


So today I had an easy 3 miler. I guess I didn’t take it as easy as I should time wise. I felt like I was going easy and that’s what has become normal but really it should’ve been like the 3rd mile the whole time. After my 2nd mile I saw Alex cooling down and ran his cool down with him 🙂 It was so nice to be able to run with the boy!!

3.24 miles in 27:07 @ 8:22 pace

mileage time
mile 1 8:20
mile 2 8:02
mile 3 8:41




Cookie Crisps, grilled turkey and cheese sandwich, cheese bread and orange juice.

Yes a great dinner! 🙂 hahah



Had some Breyer’s heath ice cream for dessert!!

I won’t have time to post until later tomorrow night which is why I’m recapping now. Sorry I don’t have much to say. I am currently watching the Parent Trap. The one with Lindsay Lohan! Love this movie!! Then I’m going to read some of my book!!

Have a great night!!


Fancy a little rain? No? Me neither.

*edited to fix links

Why hello there!!!

Today is a dreary day. Very rainy 🙁 Not so nice out.


Hopefully the sun comes out!!



But without the banana!


Tuna sandwich and chicken noodle soup

P3250032 P3250033




Catch up on blogs

work on more of supplement project

3 mile run

I’m going home this weekend because Alex has a track meet that he will be gone for starting tomorrow morning and until Monday morning. But also because I have the opportunity to work a kiosk in a mall by my house and represent Yurbuds on the weekends. So I’m going home to interview/train for that. I hope I get the job because if you haven’t looked up Yurbuds, you should! I have not used them yet but just the idea behind them are great. How would you like having earbuds that stay into your ears!? I know I would!!! Check them out! They now come in pink and $10 is donated to the St. Louis Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

I also changed my email so if you have any questions or want to talk to me in email form then email me at: snthierry@gmail.com


Yesterday’s recap

water: 72 oz of water (3 nathan bottles), 12 oz v8 fusion
stretching: stretched before and after run
iced: iced after run and put zensah sleeves on
core: did 100 cent core


You guys definitely provided me with tons of authors and books to read!! Can’t wait to check some out once I have the time to read! If you want to know what I’m currently reading you can go here and see!

Q: Do you/did you ever love going home often while at college? I love going home because I enjoy spending time with my family and my dog. Plus it’s nice to get out of the same town and get on the road. I’m looking forward to being able to do my 9 miler at home and not here at school! Love the change of scenery!


Good and Bad News


I forgot to add in my post about my challenge yesterday. So here it is!

Water: 24 oz water, 32 oz powerade, 8 oz gatorade, 16 oz orange juice
Core: 100 cent core again
Stretching: Alex helped me with my stretches. We did ankles and hamstrings. I have pictures from the ankles where we used therabands.


Flex forward


Flex to the side


Flex to the other side (I like alex’s face hahaha)


Flex away

Icing: I then iced using my Ice Up. LOVE this! Except our dorm freezer doesn’t freeze it very well. 🙁


I also refueled after my run with this


And a nuts about chocolate luna bar

This morning

Unfortunately I did not get the RA job I was really hoping for. But my friend Lanie said that of the 7 people she knew that applied, only 1 got a position. Apparently there were 80 of us new comers and 70 RA’s that were returning and only 90 RA positions available. So it was a slim pickin’s. I’ll try again next year and just have to look at the positives from this.

Positive: I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday at home
Positive: I’ll be able to focus on my studies and running
Positive: Will have more summer time at home

Of course there are many negatives to not getting the position, but we won’t focus on those!!



Same as yesterday. Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Just look at the yumminess!




Corn dog and cheese tots.


Had 6 miles to run. My friend Megan ran 3 miles with me. We ran really slow and easy because she is recovering from an injury. Then the last 3 I ran solo.

6 miles in 53:37 @ 8:56 pace

Mileage Time
mile 1 9:25
mile 2 9:36
mile 3 9:43
mile 4 8:20
mile 5 8:28
mile 6 8:02

I then iced my legs afterwards.



chicken sandwich, cheese tots and cheese sauce for my sandwich. Yeah how healthy huh?  But yummy and full of carbs!


So I will be going to Disney World for the first time!!  Anyone have any suggestions on what we must do? I’m going with my parents and brother. It’s going to be so much fun!!


Q: What are some of your favorite books?

Q: What are some books you hope to read soon?

Q: Do you prefer running/working out alone or with someone?


Is anyone out there? Oh it’s the fog.

Well let’s recap yesterday shall we?

I woke up to this!!


Yes, that is the view from my window. You can’t see anything!! The fog has taken over!!

But then after class it looked like this


What an improvement! I thought it was going to be horrible and foggy like that all day.




Peanut butter whole wheat bagel with some chocolate chips on top!!


Trader Joes Cinnamon Almonds




Bratwurst with cheese, mac n cheese, chicken tenders. I only ate the brat and two chicken tenders plus 3 forkfulls of mac n cheese. Let’s just say, it was not very good!

So I went back for seconds!


Piece of pepperoni pizza, cheese bread and sausage pizza. By the way, I don’t eat the crusts.


Had a 5 mile tempo planned. For some reason I had huge chest bubbles and stomach acid. I think it may have been the orange juice from lunch. Do you think? So I had to stop a few times and between mile 4 and 5 I took like a 10 minute break and sat down in the grass because there was a lot of pressure in my chest and it was a beautiful day.

5 mile tempo in 38:09 @ 7:37 pace

mileage time
mile 1 7:44
mile 2 7:44
mile 3 7:34
mile 4 7:36
mile 5 7:29

My legs felt good and so did my breathing, it was just my chest that was causing me problems.


Went and got a pepperoni pizza fold. mmmm.


Alex and I ate outside on a sewer. The grass was wet 🙁

And of course had some chocolate milk for recovery!


TV Talk


Has anyone watched the episode of Food Revolution online? I heard the 2 hour premiere is this friday but there is an episode up on ABC.com and I watched it last night. Jamie Oliver is such a kind soul and it really made me feel sad when he started crying because all he does is care for people. It was really interesting on what is being served to children and I can’t wait to continue watching to see what else he can do!!