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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Whoops! Dessert’s the best part!

I forgot to include my dessert and snack last night!


The cafeteria had Slab Stone Ice Cream and it was incredible! I wanted Vanilla but they were out so I got chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and reese’s pieces.




Then later in the night I had an unpictured string cheese and some grapes and strawberries!



More Quaker Squares. No picture. And a special K bar I was given in sports nutrition yesterday. That was really good!




Nachos, cheesy bread, sausage/pepperoni pizza.


Then I was still hungry since my breakfast wasn’t very big so I got two pieces of Supreme Pizza.


I didn’t run today because I have some side pain on my right, above my hip bone. I guess where your appendix is maybe? Not sure. But I think I just pulled something when I was trying to change my form yesterday. Coach Krieger told me I hold my arms too close to my body and let them get lazy so he told me how to use them and I tried to do that. I must’ve pulled a muscle maybe. Anyway, It hurts a lot and I didn’t want to test it running in case it was something else.


We went to Olives and they have a new “create your own pizza.” Yes I have had a lot of pizza but you could get a whole pizza and medium drink for one meal on the meal plan. Which is a great deal considering you can rarely get anything that filling for that price.

I got artichoke and sausage.




Had some apples with cinnamon sugar on them.


On our 9th anniversary alex and I painted a plate. Like it?

IMAG0152 IMAG0153

That’s all I have for you!!!


New PR, that’s exciting!!


IMAG0143 IMAG0142

Lots of quaker Oatmeal squares and a banana bread muffin my dad made!!!



Check out all that white and brown!! For you dad! 🙂


Here’s a little more color.


NEW PR NEW PR NEW PR!!!!! I had 3xmile repeats today on the track. I ran then by myself. Look at what I did!!!

mile 1: 6:12!!!!!
mile 2: 6:41
mile 3: 6:41

The first mile I went to fast considering I still had two miles left. But it was pretty impressive! So that means I am faster than a 6:12 miler because if I just raced the mile, I wouldn’t have more to run after and I would be racing other people. How exciting!!

My half marathon is April 11th!! 11 days from today!!! AHH!! So exciting!!



Before picture


After picture. You can obviously see what was good and what wasn’t.

Check it out dad, there’s some color!!

The spinach with cottage cheese on top is amazing and I definitely plan to get it more often.

American Idol

Definitely feel the guys are stronger than the girls and there will be a guy winner this year.


Q: What’s your fastest mile?

Q: Who do you think will win American Idol?